No War Yet; No Loss In International Standing Yet- Strange

Posted on September 11, 2013

Enough of the “we have to contain this weapon and curb its use” talk from governments including our own.  Just before the Iraq war, one story had it that Hussein moved his arsenal of nerve gas to Syria (imagine). 

Who is to say that not only we but our enemy operatives now have stockpiled nerve gas and biological weapons here in our country.  This is the benefit to our adversaries of our open borders.

Responsibility does not mean annihilate our enemy whenever he utilizes inhumane means.  First we need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our enemy has used it and that it has not been employed by governments or individuals devoted to creating a war in Syria for their own purposes.

Mature societies, governments, and/or individuals move slowly to react.  President Obama has at least got that down.  But it may be worth our while to create strength out of restraint in the minds of our enemies.  The Russians this week won points from Ideas and not from bombs.  And they came out of it looking much stronger and wiser.

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