Posted on August 31, 2013

President Obama may be shrinking in the hearts and minds of his people, but he has always been at his most powerful and persuasive when he has seemed the odd man out. He reaches the height of his oratorical abilities. Witness our lesson for yesterday:

“We don’t want the world to be paralyzed,” Obama said Friday at the White House. “And frankly, part of the challenge that we end up with here is a lot of people think something should be done and nobody wants to do it. And that’s not an unusual situation, and that’s part of what allows over time the erosion of these kinds of international prohibitions unless somebody says, ‘No.’”

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But the America of today is not just war-weary. It is deeply divided culturally, politically and economically. We are no longer the homogeneous European cousins of the second world war. The enemy is also less clearly defined. This time around, the British Prime Minister could not get Parliament to move in the direction of the mildest of interventions. Perhaps with a military man having been shot in front of his barracks in broad daylight by an extremist, they are taking the measure of the changes in their own electorate.

There appears to be a global “silent majority” that simply is not interested in touching one more Middle East hot spot. Things have never been the same since the last two “incursions.” Most people are trying for a normal life and have determined that accepting a degree of the devil in every phase of human life makes more sense than suicide runs at the dark side.

We have swallowed a host of bitter pills: Facebook and the gang of social media sites we love/hate have stripped us of security on the internet – it’s a jungle out there but we go into it regardless. Wiki leaks has left the ship of state taking on security threats and the big fear – the cost of living – is just killing us. Banks began when the pilgrims and crusaders set out for the idle East in the Middle Ages. Banks have not been safe with our money since that time. Mr. President, make our banks, schools and medical systems safe for democracy and we will follow you into the jaws of hell.