Charlie stops to scratch before continuing his attack on Imp

Catch up with all of the doggie do right here.  People have especially wanted updates on the new puppy, Charlie.  Here’s your page.

Impulse, my JRT that we call “Imp” is eleven years old.  Her companion, SamHenry my late Labrador Retriever, had been her great friend and companion.  Sam was always so gentle with Imp. Two years after his death, I determined Imp was getting too old to sit around and so was I so the sire of SamHenry was bred to a dog I had here with me on a trial basis and loved.  There was a big,  laid back pup in the litter and I knew that had to be Charlie. The breeder let me have first pick.  If Charlie turns out as we hope, we could show or breed him to have some fun and profit since his sire was a champion.

Charlie is young and obnoxious but Imp is growing to love and accept him.  We almost lost him to the Parvo virus which he caught when someone put him on the floor at the vet’s when he went for his first shots.  That is why you keep young puppies out of public places.  But we took him to the best animal hospital and he made it.  He was so cute that the doctor called in AFTER her shift had ended to check on him.

And now we are home and leading real life with an active puppy.  Today he made his first, deeper bark.  It is very exciting.  Hope you enjoy the Charlie and Imp stories that will follow in film and words.  They are characters.

Most recent picture of Charlie taken June 8, 2012 – with his trainer in the back yard here.

The new bone pool is a big success.

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  1. Freedom, by the way

    April 1, 2012

    So cute! What a great idea to give Charlie his own page.


  2. James Crawford

    April 3, 2012

    I like Guiness!!

    What a cool dog allowing the impudent puppy to play with his toy.

  3. My late Lab, SamHenry and Guinness were best buddies from the time Sam was a puppy. Impulse and Guinness are about the same age and Guinness was her first boyfriend. He lilkes my snacks which initially is the driving force to come over, LOL. He is known all over this village and much loved. He was recently 10 years old. These gentle giants usually don’t live more than 8 years. We are lucky to have him.


    • James Crawford

      April 6, 2012

      My late, 125 pound Golden Retriever, Grendle (named long before the show “Thirty-Something” and inspired by “Legacy of Herot” because “Grendles will eat anything”) used to stand out on our rural road to extort a toll from motorists. Many would stop and roll down their window to pet him. Some would offer snacks.

      I am sad to report that my brother-in-law was informed that Gaton, aka “Spaniel X, dog of mystery” was diagnosed with a tumor on his adrenal glands. Being quite elderly his prognosis wasn’t good. After enduring a night of particularly intense pain that the drugs could relieve, Gaton was put down.

      • You are fortunate no one ever gave Grendle something bad. I suspect but cannot prove it that one of my dogs met that end.

        I hate hearing stories about dog suffering and loss of one like Gaton’s. Our friends of the furry type do not last nearly long enough.


        • James Crawford

          April 9, 2012

          At the time it was still a rural community. It is suburbs now and I sound like a cliche of an old timer in a western movie when I talk about all the old farms I used to work.

          Grendle was safe because he was so beloved that kids would walk for miles to play with him. Most people also knew me well enough to be scared of me. That was also twenty years ago.


  4. Freedom, by the way

    June 7, 2012

    No Charlie updates?
    Just took my mastiff “puppy” (she’ll be 2 in August) to the vet this week. 168.3 lbs! I was flabberghasted.


    • James Crawford

      June 10, 2012

      I’m not flabbergasted. That is about average for a Mastiff.

  5. I thought that Inwould share this link here as a tribute to Sam Henry and a ping to his mistress.


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