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My Facebook Letter to Homeland Security

February 11, 2012


Posted on my Facebook Account:   To the Department of Homeland Security. Welcome to Facebook. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I think you should take that part of your name that is “homeland” out of your title because you have made us feel as if this is no longer OUR home. I hope […]

Peter King Opens Investigation into “Radical” Islam in the US; Dogged by IRA Past

March 10, 2011


Rep Peter King, R, NY, looks fairly fierce – just the kind of man to get on his horse and go out to fight fights for “peace, justice and the American way.”  But as he opened the Homeland Security Committee (he is Chair of the Committee) hearings looking into  the roots of radical Islam in […]

Database Security and the Federal Government – Impossible Dream?

December 1, 2010


Until all computers and servers used throughout the departments of the Federal Government have been updated and databases standardized together with global use of practices and procedures for data entry and extraction, the stakes will be high that operations such as WikiLeaks will continue to have materials stolen from our federal databases available to them. […]

TSA Pat Downs – Just What Al Qaeda Ordered

November 21, 2010


Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has sought to make it so expensive to try to prevent an attack that it will take down the air line industry, the shipping industry and thousands of jobs.  They aren’t out to kill a lot of people or spend a lot of money – just send a package […]

BREAKING: President to Address Nation 4:15 PM RE Packages Found on Planes

October 29, 2010

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The President just addressed the nation and explained what had transpired relative to suspicious packages found on cargo planes that had originated in Yemen.  One plane had stopped in Britain and the other in Dubai. The packages were  addressed to a Chicago Synagogue. A tip led to their discovery. They contained explosives (this fact was […]

Truth and Fiction in Afghanistan

October 7, 2010


Danny Schechter wrote When News Lies (2006) about media complicity and the war in Iraq. His film WMD (Weapons of Mass Deception) covered that coverage.  He has an article at Al Jazeera (English) “When the Taliban calls, pick up” …  Is the limited coverage of the Afghan war in the US a symptom of life […]

Brit Royals – Primarily Harry – al Qaeda Targets

October 3, 2010


On a more serious note about the Royal Family in Britain, the News of the World has broken the story that Prince Harry tops the list of possible targets in the latest terrorist planning. TARGET: Prince Harry is under threat By Robert Jobson & Lucy Panton, 03/10/2010 ARMED security on Prince Harry has been doubled […]

Al Jazeera Article Incites Opposition to US in the So-Called “Militarization” of Border with Mexico

September 18, 2010

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I have often quoted al Jazeera in this space.  Their reporting is, for the most part, well-researched and fairly straight on.  But I reprint here a recent article that had my blood at the boil.  It is the most slanted propaganda I have seen on that site in a while and not well-researched. They have […]

Imam Rauf as Agent for Muslim Dominance – The Larry King Interview 9/9

September 9, 2010


Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has represented the US in the Middle East on issues dealing with relations with Muslims for two Administrations.  He is also the founder of the Cordoba Initiative, the Muslim group that will build a mosque and cultural center near ground zero. Interviewed on Larry King last night, he foresees a setup […]

Obama – HELP! We’re Losing Jobs, Yes but Hell, We’re Losing Arizona to Cartels

September 2, 2010


It appears Washington has surrendered to the drug cartels or perhaps Obama has served up the state to them because of the immigration law they passed.  Did he “turn a page” we missed? The Arizona Governor went to Washington to get help.  She got road signs: One Arizona sheriff has said: “Mexican drug cartels literally […]

Immigration: Obama Guilty of Bad “Project” Management

July 31, 2010


Here is the most frequent argument made against those (primarily Republicans) who insist a resolution to border security come before tackling the complex and emotional issue of amnesty and how it will be implemented. …[C]alling for tighter borders is a tried-and-true tactic of politicians unwilling to confront the realities of a growing illegal population. Sean […]

HOAX? Story Cartel Takeover of Ranches in US Laredo Suspect

July 25, 2010


[HT Voting Female -considers it may be a hoax] There have been conflicting reports about an alleged takeover of 2 ranches in Laredo, TX by the Los Zetas drug cartel. Nothing can be confirmed by a major news outlet. The Hispanic News Network has traced the origins of the story that may be found here.  […]

WaPo Brings National Security Info All Together in One Place and That’s the Problem

July 20, 2010


Dana Priest, co-author of the much anticipated report for the Washington Post on how national security in this country is handled was on CNN this morning.  Asked if her references to certain businesses and locations would be a breach of security she said that, in most of the report, she and William M. Arkin “fuzzed” […]


July 2, 2010


These days, you never know who or what has weapons of mass destruction – chemical, nuclear or something in the development stages we have not yet thought of.  And it appears from this video that you can’t trust anyone.  The Russian Mafia has worked with al Qaeda, with Drug Cartels, and in this video, with […]

Internet Kill Switch: OK, What If The Bill Passes Giving Obamma This Internet Idiocy?

June 16, 2010


The UK,  New Zealand and Australia have ALREADY passed  a law [PrisonPlanet] similar to the bill now in the Senate, the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, or PCNAA.  Don’t these leaders realize some fool messing with the internet can interrupt the World Cup? It is a good thing that this has happened during […]