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August 25, 2013


The proverbial insiders and assorted anonymous sources have declared that Andrew and Fergie will in fact tie the knot sometime soon. But do they even have to? They have lived together just about every year since their divorce and have raised their children together. Perhaps this near yet far bit works best – marriage might […]

SamHenry’s Royal Wedding Post Game Wrap

April 30, 2011


OK, Royal Wedding Watchers and OMGodders about the whole thing.  Crawling the web on my hands and knees, here’s what I turned up the day after Wills’ wedding: The most Googled phrase overnight has been “Is James Middleton Gay.”  The tilt is toward yes.  Pictures of him in drag and in the nude and as […]

“Up Close and Personal” – Profiling the Royals as If They Are Olympic Competitors

April 18, 2011


There’s a lot of the Olympics in the preparation of the public for the April 29th Royal Wedding in London.  When CBS covered the Olympics, they undertook the task of making the public connect and get behind unknown competitors through a series of background segments on the sports men and women called “Up Close and […]

The Unpleasantness of The Royal Wedding – Big Bussiness for Press and Palace and Tourism

April 3, 2011


One thing is clear:  coverage of the Royal Wedding is currently sucking the air out of press rooms worldwide.  This was the assessment of a panel discussion on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning.  Budgets have even been earmarked for the event. Helping to generate addictive interest in the event months out – the Palace and […]

SamHenry’s Sunday Sillies from the Headlines for 3/20/2011

March 20, 2011


Amazing news of time travel from the Hadron collider deep underground somewhere in Switzerland.  They have discovered a particle that can move through time dimensions.  They say it does not mean men can travel (women will find a way) but it does mean we can send messages to, say, the past.  Why would we want […]

The Selling and Sellout of Prince Andrew – Where Need Meets Greed In Politics and Trade

March 9, 2011


Fergie is not the only one to have tried to sell access to Andrew.  She was unsuccessful when the British Government and its handmaiden, private industries including those  involved in arms sales have been.  In a very real sense, there may be those who will benefit from throwing a wrench into his ability to perform […]

Chorus of Former Lovers Speak Out in Support of Andrew. Happy International Women’s Day, Folks

March 8, 2011


Members of the Chorus of Women of the World who have spoken up in recent weeks in support of  Prince Andrew. Gallery One:  Prince Andrew with Koo Stark Gallery Two:  Prince Andrew Marries Sarah Ferguson Gallery Three:  Prince Andrew with Gorga Ashkenazi Marking International Women’s Day, a third former lover of Prince Andrew’s, socialite, Goga […]

Andrew And Fergie Biggest Threat to Monarchy Since Diana

March 6, 2011

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Prince Andrew, his former wife, the Duchess of York (“Fergie”) and the late Diana, Princess of Wales have all three thrown the light on the darker side of the British Monarchy and the house of Windsor. Diana’s treatment by the Royals as she fell deeper into what was surely a clinical state of depression was […]

Fergie Has Upstaged Pre Wedding Scene Thanks to Wedding Snub

February 22, 2011


It is no surprise that the Queen and her family have not got a clue how to handle the Fergie “problem” without undue attention and censure in the press. But this time around, they may not be the baddies of the piece.  The “snubee” may in fact be the “snubor.”  In any event, the fallout […]

Why Popularity of Royals Is In Decline

November 5, 2010


Two years ahead of us we will be watching Britain  not only host the Olympics but the Queen celebrate 60 years on the throne – her Golden Jubilee. With most of the world in economic depression, including Great Britain, it will be a relief from the gloom but it will also cost a fortune.  It […]

Brit Royals – Primarily Harry – al Qaeda Targets

October 3, 2010


On a more serious note about the Royal Family in Britain, the News of the World has broken the story that Prince Harry tops the list of possible targets in the latest terrorist planning. TARGET: Prince Harry is under threat By Robert Jobson & Lucy Panton, 03/10/2010 ARMED security on Prince Harry has been doubled […]

Prince Andrew’s Current Behavior Proves Sarah Ferguson Was An Improvement Over Koo Stark

October 3, 2010


Remember the days of Randy Andy and that “B” film star, Koo Stark?  Then the Royals saw Sarah Ferguson as the salvation of the house of Windor from the likes of Koo.  But wait.  It’s 2010 and it looks from here as if Ms. Stark has bested both Andy and Fergie. A collection of portraits, […]