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Opening Ceremony of Olympics in London – Hyped in Press but Not Loved By All

July 28, 2012


Foreign and Brit press all seem to have glowing reports of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Was I wearing the wrong glasses? I found it boring and not that good – a messy jumble of images and sounds. The culture of Britain will not be killed by immigrants. It has been dispatched by the […]

King Charles III in Our Future? Not So Fast, Not So Sure

June 14, 2012

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Since the Jubilee, the “wonder who the next King will be” crowd have been spinning their web of theories.  Most are agreed that the Queen will not step down.  There are constitutional questions in this as well as the specter of electing a king which would undercut the effectiveness of the position in its present […]

Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee “Progress” Proves She Has Single-Handedly Saved the Monarchy to this Point

March 30, 2012


“Nobody does it better…” Carly Simon belted out years ago and that would certainly be a song to summarize the 60 year reign of Elizabet II.  She has been head of state longer than any other monarch. Her knowledge of history, current events and politics is encyclopaedic.  She is at her age flexible and ready […]

How the Royal Family Plays It: Pay Fergie’s Debts, Insist on a Move?

October 18, 2011

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In recent years, “The Firm” as the British royals refer to themselves, have had a very successful way of dealing with devastating revelations about their members.  They have updated the PR people helping them but most of all have glided steadfastly on into the future as if there were not a ripple on the water […]

Royal Wedding In Name Only On 29 April; Pageantry a Thing of The Past

April 2, 2011

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You don’t have to love the Royals or even to like them but if you love the history and the pageantry often associated with them you will thirst for the good old days of Royal Weddings this April 29.  Not only costs but also security have dictated that most wedding guests will travel to and […]

SamHenry’s Sunday Sillies from the Headlines for 3/20/2011

March 20, 2011


Amazing news of time travel from the Hadron collider deep underground somewhere in Switzerland.  They have discovered a particle that can move through time dimensions.  They say it does not mean men can travel (women will find a way) but it does mean we can send messages to, say, the past.  Why would we want […]

Prince Andrew Needs To Resign as Trade Envoy for Queen and Country

March 14, 2011

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It is not to be believed –  new details of alleged contacts between the Duke of York and a woman working to secure young girls for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  It all sounds so familiar.  This woman, one  Azra Scagliarini known as a “fixer,” offered an under cover reporter access to Andrew in exchange for […]

Andrew And Fergie Biggest Threat to Monarchy Since Diana

March 6, 2011

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Prince Andrew, his former wife, the Duchess of York (“Fergie”) and the late Diana, Princess of Wales have all three thrown the light on the darker side of the British Monarchy and the house of Windsor. Diana’s treatment by the Royals as she fell deeper into what was surely a clinical state of depression was […]

Obama Enters Diplomatic Bermuda Triangle. France Our Best Friend – Not the UK?

January 12, 2011


Obama: Drop the Blackberry; stand away from Air Force One with your hands in the air; Go to your room. The above would be the scenario if Interpol had a protocol department and if  SamHenry were assigned to it.   A request would have been proffered to be able to follow suspect Barack Obama, President […]

The Dalai Lama May Retire; The Pope Mentions It – How Our Institutions are Changing

November 22, 2010


There is no truer phrase these days than “it’s a small world.”  Cultures globally are bumping into one another, trying to either resist change or to influence one another either of which often has led to all out conflict.  In the wake of all of these encounters, our institutions are changing.  Like it or not, […]

Why Popularity of Royals Is In Decline

November 5, 2010


Two years ahead of us we will be watching Britain  not only host the Olympics but the Queen celebrate 60 years on the throne – her Golden Jubilee. With most of the world in economic depression, including Great Britain, it will be a relief from the gloom but it will also cost a fortune.  It […]

Constitutional Monarchy Under Seige in Britain

September 23, 2010


They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace, Christopher Robin went down with Alice….” They’re  spreading the wealth and nailing down the Royal Family Government “stipend” in Britain.  This is a constitutional “watershed.” [Independent] Revealed: The secret deal that changed the monarchy Sovereign’s debt crisis sparked 2006 agreement surrendering ultimate financial autonomy By Robert Verkaik, Home Affairs […]

Tony Blair Can’t Wait for History to Uncover How He Helped Save the Monarchy – He Does the Job Himself

September 4, 2010


What another terrible year for the monarchy in Britain.  First Fergie tries to sell access to her husband, Prince Andrew and now former Prime Minister Tony Blair is selling access to the royal family and doing it by selling you his book filled with tender morsels of information from inside palace walls.  This is simply […]

In Death, Diana Could Have Brought Down the Monarchy

September 2, 2010

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In life, Princess Diana’s fame and infamous interviews did a great deal of damage to “the Firm” as the royals refer to themselves collectively. But she also did more than anyone to secure their future.  As a young bride, she was like a breath of fresh air.  During her marriage to Charles, she revived interest […]

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson – a Sea Change

August 8, 2010


When Andrew went off with the Queen and cousins on a cruise around the islands off Scotland a few weeks ago, discussion of Fergie was officially forbidden.  It of course did  not stop Prince Philip from sailing into Andrew for standing by her.  It not only upset Andrew but it very much upset Beatrice and […]