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August 31, 2013


President Obama may be shrinking in the hearts and minds of his people, but he has always been at his most powerful and persuasive when he has seemed the odd man out. He reaches the height of his oratorical abilities. Witness our lesson for yesterday: “We don’t want the world to be paralyzed,” Obama said […]

President Promises Executive Action on Gun Control

January 15, 2013

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With fears being ramped up in some quarters about all guns being taken from citizens the way the Nazis seized the guns of their citizenry in 1928, President Obama is, in many minds, shadowing Hitler in promising executive action on gun control. Many believe that armed Jews would have prevented the holocaust.  But the specter […]

Do We Need A Write-In Candidate for President?

June 13, 2012


Can there still be a write-in campaign for President? We live in a talentless political landscape coping with 40% loss of income for middle-class America, terrorism and Lindsay Lohan. Neither education nor therapy seems to work here anymore. Our politicians only make the news when they make a mistake; our Hollywood stars are expected to […]

Obama’s Pacific Tour Triumph Puts GOP Hopefuls in Tough Spot

December 5, 2011


Obama has finally begun to act like a leader.  On a recent tour, the outcome was enviable. Barack Obama’s triumphant Asia-Pacific tour was a major foreign policy achievement for the president. By bolstering security alliances with pivotal nations and promoting a regional free trade area, he left no doubt that—after a costly decade of distraction […]

How Obama Can Bypass Congress to Create New Student Loan Forgiveness Program

October 26, 2011


Bypassing Congress, the President, assisted by provisions in current Health Care Law (March, 2010) and precedent dating back to 1974 in the area of budget exercised executive privileges and powers to create a program of Forgiveness for student College loans. Provisions of the Program may be found here.   President to Ease Student Loan Burden for […]

Obama Credited With Achieving End to Gaddafi But How to Avoid Saying He Had Him Killed

October 20, 2011


Here is the Huffington Post account of Gaddafi’s death: Moammar Gadhafi, who ruled Libya with a dictatorial grip for 42 years until he was ousted by his own people in an uprising that turned into a bloody civil war, was killed Thursday by revolutionary fighters overwhelming his hometown, Sirte, the last major bastion of resistance […]

Obama’s Jobs Act Speech: Construction and Manufacturing Job Creation but no Way to Pay for It

September 9, 2011


If  you are a card-carrying member of the tempest-tossed huddled masses yearning for a job in the US, then President Obama’s speech gave you  hope but no road to get there or the tolls you would need to pay.  The Tsar of the teleprompter had ideas without cost estimates; smug comments on the history of […]

Prez Cooperates on Movie About Bin Laden Kill – “Downgrades” Office of President

August 11, 2011


The Head of US Special forces objected to the release of the names of troops killed in the Afghan wilderness when the Taliban shot down their helicopter.  There was also firm resistance to releasing even the fact that a Seal team had killed Bin Laden.  But the Vice President couldn’t contain his happiness. With all […]

Libya: Obama Doctrine – It’s The Right Thing To Do vs. The Law of the Land

June 29, 2011


Forget the Law,  it’s all in the slight of word, it’s the Obama Doctrine:  “It’s the right thing to do.”  At his News Conference today, President Obama was asked if his actions in Libya were in violation of the War Powers Act.  The President of course built his foundation for an answer that stopped short […]

Will Biden Impeach Obama Over Libya “Incursion”?

March 24, 2011


The US government is not only running out of money, it is fast running out of terms to affix to military operations it undertakes in other countries that most would call “war.” Found this on LRC blog.  The blog is run by Llewellyn Harrison Rockwell, Jr. (born July 1, 1944, Boston), widely known as Lew […]

We Have Helped Empower The Muslim Brotherhood

February 1, 2011


Here is an article in the Jerusalem Post that seems to put the Muslim Brotherhood in some kind of special space reserved for movers and shakers.  In doing this, we are elevating the group way beyond the place they hold in the minds of many in Egypt. Countless Egyptians interviewed have dismissed them as a […]

Obama In Afghanistan as Jobless Rate Rises

December 3, 2010


Who knows what special treat the Obama women are enjoying this weekend and in what state while Dad is in Afghanistan with the troops playing Commander-in-Chief.  It is the only venue in which he is guaranteed respect. In an amazing yoking together of opposites, we have an Obama who has expanded the office of the […]


August 26, 2009


1. Baby Sitting 2. Garage Sale 3.  Bake Sale 4. Car Wash 5.  Magic Act – with the help of Organizing for America The President and his advisors have chosen #5 – Magic utilizing the talents and database of Organizing for America that has worked for him so well before.  It worked for Cap and […]


August 20, 2009


Deplaning at yet another location. The Obama girls are now seasoned world travelers If memory serves me correctly, no other President has taken his entire family with him on domestic and overseas trips never mind on Airforce One to the extent the current President has.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to share in the great events […]