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Opening Ceremony of Olympics in London – Hyped in Press but Not Loved By All

July 28, 2012


Foreign and Brit press all seem to have glowing reports of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Was I wearing the wrong glasses? I found it boring and not that good – a messy jumble of images and sounds. The culture of Britain will not be killed by immigrants. It has been dispatched by the […]

The Feminization of Bruce Jenner, Olympian

February 14, 2012


One of our most honored Olympians, Bruce Jenner has, under the roof of the Kardashian women, been totally morphed into the unrecognizable. Recently he appeared with his wife on the ELLEN show having  earlier had yet another facelift.  With what appeared to be diamond studs in his ears and a soft coif, he out did […]

Quick Hits: Obama’s SOTU in Las Vegas; Travel Headaches; Gay Men on Ice

February 19, 2010


OBAMA’S SOTU in LAS VEGAS After the Massachusetts Massacre, Obama had the thought that he needed to reconnect with the American people as if we are a parking lot filled with electric cars in need of recharging. Today’s lengthy speech from Las Vegas with Harry Reid at his right hand is part of his reconnecting […]

Brazil’s Lula Should Lose the 2016 Olympics for his Racist Remarks.

February 13, 2010


Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil and the South American leader Barack Obama has sought to befriend, has now showed his true colors. He has said that Rio didn’t win the Olympics so gringos can carry home all the medals.  Surely the IOC (International Olympic Committee) should be considering some kind of action […]