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Apple And Google Fulfill Obama’s Dream: Gather The Same Collective Info Across Platforms

January 25, 2012


People unhinged about Google’s announcement that it will now begin to treat platforms in its purview such as Android, Google Search, G-Mail and YouTube as a single entity by merging information about customers of these units as a single source for information about an individual signed up for these services should turn their gaze to […]

GOOGLE Algorithm Tweaked; Webmasters Freaked “Googlization” Marches On

February 27, 2011


Last week to the horror of Huffington Post and other businesses on the web, Google changed its algorithms. Our goal is simple: to give users the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible,” said Gabriel Stricker, Google spokesman. “This requires constant tuning of our algorithms, as new content — both good and […]

GOOGLE CEO on Internet Identity: He’s Just Plain “Nuts”

August 18, 2010


In discussing the future of our lives on the internet, the CEO of GOOGLE, Eric Schmidt remarked confidently: “I actually think most people don’t want Google to answer their questions. They want Google to tell them what they should be doing next.” We have been out-flanked by GOOGLE in our searches as of this writing.  […]

Sarah Palin Does Not and Never Did Suck Toes, Thank You

July 23, 2010


As a blog administrator, I have access to a screen that lets me know what search terms were used to arrive at my blog.  To my horror, today I came across this search phrase: “sarah palin toe sucking” This needs to be cleared up right away. Nothing outstanding sucks about Sarah Palin or her life.  […]


June 22, 2010

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VIVE LA FRANCE!  For centuries, official global policy has been to love and hate France concurrently but the storming of the Bastille is one memorable act that unleashed the power of the people to take down infamous governments.  We all have been grateful ever since. Now the French are storming the global information gathering citadel, […]

World on the Brink and Google’s Top Searches Indicate Nothing Going On

June 4, 2010


We’re poised waiting that Irish ship to reach the Israeli blockade, we wonder what North Korea will promise to do next, we are not yet sure if the new cap on the oil leak will work and here are the top 20 searches on Google as of 4 June: 1. undertaker died 2. what happened […]


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