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September 6, 2011


VICTORY OVER TERROR From the ashes, the emergency responders – the trustworthy and dedicated firemen of New York City – raise Old Glory.  “…[A]nd our flag was still there,” remember that.  Believe in the American spirit.  It is fearless, tireless, but above all, a living thing.  It remembers but it moves forward.  Celebrate that spirit […]

Sarah Palin Trip to India Rich in Speculation; Pregnant with Possibilities for a Presidential Run

March 7, 2011


Will Sarah Palin soon be sporting this? It may not have been expected but it is no surprise that Sarah Palin has decided to visit India.  Her computer isn’t down, just her rank in the polls as Michelle Bachmann closes in on her tea party crown. [Washington Post] While the traditional route to the presidency […]

Alons, The French Ban the Veil and Re-Assert Import of Fraternity, Egality

September 14, 2010


The French are baaaaack.  The stormers of the Bastille are alive and well and leading the way with courage. The Senate has just passed a bill banning the wearing of face-coverings in public. The bill is aimed at ensuring gender equality, women’s dignity and security, as well as upholding France’s secular values — and its […]

She Lies, She Threatens and She’s Cheap: Chasing the Palin Persona

September 2, 2010


Sarah Palin’s control over her exposure to the media has been so successful that a whole new breed of investigative journalist has been born: the Persona Papparazi.  They’re after her essence – what makes her tick – what makes her ticked off.  They do everything conceivable to move in next door to her, follow her […]

First They Came for the Anonymous Bloggers…

July 25, 2010


Two of CNN’s morning hosts who will remain anonymous (why give them any more publicity, eh?) have in all seriousness proposed an end to or regulation of anonymous blogging that seems to encourage smearing and slander.  This they say is the “teachable moment” of the Shirley Sherrod affair. [Newsbusters] Hello.  Andrew Breitbart is not an […]

Breaking: Iran Takes Leadership Role in Ending Blockade; Offers Escort for Ships with Aid; Sends Red Crescent Aid Ships

June 7, 2010


Iran has long sought to dominate the Middle East and it looks as if it is taking its first steps toward that goal. They are offering to escort aid ships to Gaza.  The announcement came from Ayatollah Kamenei’s personal representative, Hojjatoleslam Ali Shirazi, with a pledge to use the elite Revolutionary Guards naval forces. [Guardian] […]

Inflation Rears it’s Ugly Head

June 6, 2010

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In the UK, the TimesOnline is reporting that in April of this year, inflation hit 3.7%,  a rise far beyond the 2% expected and the largest jump since November, 2008.  The general direction of the source is thought to be these shores. Inflation is thus a serious concern and the main danger comes from overseas. […]

US Can’t Sustain Support of Israel’s Flawed View of Itself

June 2, 2010


In the interest of presenting more than one side of an issue, here are videos from the Aljazeera Channel, YouTube. First up, Daniel Levy, former Israeli peace negotiator says Israel has to change: Europe Reacts to the Israeli attack on the Flotilla:

Organizations for Gaza Freedom Practice Dangerous Brinkmanship with Nation States

June 1, 2010

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[HT to Legalinsurrection] Adam Shapiro is a Brooklyn-born Jew who believes that his family religion is one thing, his ethnicity is another. Since he is not a practicing Jew, he believes he is not Jewish. He has majored in Arabic studies and speaks the Arabic language. He is currently a graduate student at American University […]

Memorial Day 2010 – Remembering all Servicemen Past but Looking to the Soldiers of Today is to See Our Future

May 29, 2010


One of my brothers is a Viet Nam war vet. We as a nation were so slow to recognize the courage and sacrifice of these men. They were not members of the extreme right or shoot ’em up war enthusiasts.  They were and are ordinary people doing a job that needed to be done and […]

La Raza (the race) – a Phrase that Elicits The Struggle Against Non-Indigenous Americans

May 6, 2010


Obama first threw his weight behind immigration reform this year qualified it by adding that there wasn’t much “appetite” for it since the health care fight. [Desert News]  Don’t tell that to the Latinos down the lane. The head of the organization, La Raza, was on CNN today with that phrase familiar from last summer’s […]

Israelis Say Times Square Near Miss Bomb Blast Revealed US Terror Handling Deficiency Syndrome or Something

May 4, 2010


It did look a bit like the Keystone Cops – news people chasing politicos, politicos chasing theories, law enforcement trying to lineup who should be involved and on what level.  You’ve gotta love the US – we fall all over ourselves and confess and reveal and emote and conceal – all at once.  If we […]

Some Illegals Think They Have Squatters Rights or something

May 4, 2010


I did a video for CNN’s  iReport on immigration and had a response from a woman with several arguments that are important to remember: 1. The ICE took her husband away 8 months ago leaving her with 2 kids (one on the way). He had been in the country 24 years and she thought that […]

Arrest Made in Times Square Failed Bomb Plot

May 3, 2010


The New York Times has the following story at this hour: This article is by William K. Rashbaum, Mark Mazzetti and Peter Baker. Plates on the Nissan Pathfinder were traced to a pickup truck being repaired at Kramer’s Used Auto Parts in Stratford, Conn. Federal agents and police detectives arrested a Connecticut man, a naturalized […]

Islamist Rebels Take Over Somali Pirate Trade

May 3, 2010

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It was only a matter of time before one of the Islamist rebel factions in Somalia figured out that to take over the lucrative pirate trade would be strategically and financially advantageous.  With Iran threatening traffic through the Straits of  Hormuz, a cooperative effort with pirates in Somalia would be another nail in the coffin […]