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Bookstores That Will Survive the Shift in Technology, Distribution and A Down Economy

February 28, 2011


Recently, Borders books, that other large us chain bookstore filed for bankruptcy and will close many stores.  What once seemed its stodgy counterpart, Barnes and Noble, has taken steps to remain financially solid with a transition to e-books built around its popular nook reader.  But recently, there was a dire announcement: Barnes & Noble Inc […]

Of Writers and the Clever Webs They Weave Just to Say “Buy The Damn Book”

June 18, 2010


Oh, my have I had fun. I had the good fortune to have had a pleasant comment on one of my posts. Before I accept comments, I investigate the websites from whence they come.  Well, the commentator’s site, looked not only reasonable but intriguing.  Anything to do with writing usually sucks me in and […]