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Immigration Policy in Britain – A Labor Leader’s View

June 6, 2010

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We were wrong to allow so many eastern Europeans into Britain It’s essential there is a debate on what restrictions on unskilled labour mobility are needed in an enlarging Europe Ed Balls The Observer, Sunday 6 June 2010 Article history Britain and our European partners face big choices in the coming months – on the […]

Whatever Muslims Want – Muslims Get. But What About the Rest of Us

February 13, 2010


You know the old song, “Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets”?  Well the updated version has it that Muslims get what they want or they make your life miserable AND they can take you to court, demand Sharia law, declare a fatwa or threaten violence.  I don’t know any other group that does that on the […]

Airport Scan of Film Star Distributed – Hope this Scares Terrorists

February 9, 2010


It’s happened. All of our scanning nightmares have come true. At Heathrow Airport the scan of Indian film star Shahrukh Khan was printed and distributed by staff captivated by his naked charm.. Do we laugh or cry? Personally, I laughed then cried. This is so typical of the West’s inability to effectively fight terrorism. We […]

Butt Bombs and “Anatomically Congruent” Underwear – Al’Qaeda Gets Down and Dirty

December 29, 2009


The sad fact is that as we are perfecting whole body scanning, al-Qaeda is busily keeping up with our technology and testing their “anatomically congruent” underwear against it. A body scanner at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport would not necessarily have detected the explosives which the would-be syringe bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had sewn into his underwear. […]

Long Air Travel Lines – Cost to Airlines, Government and US

December 29, 2009


It is reported that full body scanners that DO scan for the material used in the December 25th thwarted bombing attack do now exist. []  It is to be  hoped that these kinds of machines with this level of effectiveness will be chosen and not more of what is out there today.  Either way, guess […]