China and the Taliban Update

October 9, 2012


As we withdraw from Afghanistan, my thoughts turned to China doing extensive copper mining in the north.  Here is a timely article that addressed my concerns:  


Mitt Romney – Lost My Vote 9-11-2012

September 13, 2012


Mitt’s Mouth has lost my vote for him.  No matter the accuracy of his remarks, it was poor form for him to respond to a developing  crisis  in the Middle East that occurred on the anniversary of the infamous attack on our soil in NYC with an ad hominem attack on the President.  He did […]

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Many NOT Fired Up Against This Election

August 7, 2012


This is not a formal poll; this is not an official anything.  This is just a report of conversations with friends and relatives about the election.  For the most part, I am on the receiving end of a quick comment.  People in my range are expressing their dissatisfaction with the two top candidates. I have […]

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Arab Prejudice in the Workplace? If You Don’t Wear A Niquab, Don’t Apply to Work Here

July 31, 2012


    CNN is reporting that a woman in Cairo who recently graduated from a school of communications there was told she could not work in most television stations because she wore the Niquab. The Niquab is Arab dress that covers all but the eyes.  Regardless of the fact that she would be working behind […]

No Direct Word From Romney RE Michele Bachman Muslim Brotherhood Flap

July 29, 2012


Among the most important reasons Romney may lose this upcoming election is his silence on Michele Bachman’s letter signed by four of her colleagues asking for investigation of  policies on hiring of foreign nationals in general for several departments but of Hilary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin in particular.  It has been alleged […]

Opening Ceremony of Olympics in London – Hyped in Press but Not Loved By All

July 28, 2012


Foreign and Brit press all seem to have glowing reports of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Was I wearing the wrong glasses? I found it boring and not that good – a messy jumble of images and sounds. The culture of Britain will not be killed by immigrants. It has been dispatched by the […]

Romney Takes Republicans Where None Have Gone Before – Off the Map

July 12, 2012


Republican politics in this country have undergone a paradigm shift and anyone who is not a member of the extreme right is now looking mighty irrelevant.  Such is Mitt Romney’s fate.  Even Sarah and  is blundering his way through the campaign.  In the process he has rendered himself laughable and out of touch with the […]

71 Yr Old Harry Potter Actress Speaks Truth About Race Relations

June 23, 2012


An article in the UK’s Daily Mail blew me away this morning.  Both the action reported and the reaction of both press and people around her have been instructive. was left speechless on the Graham Norton show last night after Harry Potter actress  Miriam Margolyes told the star that she was ‘fascinated’ to meet […]

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Google the Dictator Encounters Censorship

June 22, 2012

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Google has reported what it deems an alarming growth of censorship from many quarters.  Countries, business and individuals are asking that search answers be deleted.    The search engine giant revealed that western countries in addition to Asian. It is exceedingly strange to see the company that holds an iron grip on the internet fighting for […]


Operating Instructions Spoil the Fun

June 21, 2012


It is a universal truth that most people who confront some kind of device or machine with which they must come to terms do not even consider the helpful instruction manual.  Why is this?  Practitioners will say that these things just make dealing with the inner workings and operation more confusing.  But isn’t the truth […]


Death and Disposition – You Say Your Mother’s Ashes Are Where?

June 16, 2012


A decade or more ago funerals and burials in my family became “trendy.”  A cousin whose mother had died, kept her ashes in his front hall closet. One day I went to him and said “I wish you would find a resting place for your mother.  People will begin to ask why I address the […]

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King Charles III in Our Future? Not So Fast, Not So Sure

June 14, 2012

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Since the Jubilee, the “wonder who the next King will be” crowd have been spinning their web of theories.  Most are agreed that the Queen will not step down.  There are constitutional questions in this as well as the specter of electing a king which would undercut the effectiveness of the position in its present […]


It’s Press The Elderly Into Small Quarters and Pensions

June 13, 2012


Look to the Island kingdom of Britain for a taste of the future. Because of its size and location, it has to pay attention to recycling, land conservation and other issues such as immigration way in advance of larger land states. Last winter saw a proposal that the Elderly give up their large homes and […]

Do We Need A Write-In Candidate for President?

June 13, 2012


Can there still be a write-in campaign for President? We live in a talentless political landscape coping with 40% loss of income for middle-class America, terrorism and Lindsay Lohan. Neither education nor therapy seems to work here anymore. Our politicians only make the news when they make a mistake; our Hollywood stars are expected to […]

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Obama Has Data Base on Us That Needs Regulation And It Is For His Campaign

June 10, 2012


Question:  When does a database kept on possible voters cross the privacy line?  The one Barack Obama has developed to help in his campaign this go round is more formidable than the last time he ran.  Now it includes information on who your friends are and how your mother voted in the last election.  This […]

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