Lance Armstrong Has Sullied The Integrity of the US Itself

January 18, 2013

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We must never forget that Lance Armstrong represented the United States in two major arenas:  the Olympics and the Tour de France.  But he forgot that.  He was out for personal gain and glory.  Aside from music, sports is one of the biggest human exercises that unites the globe. Perhaps character building and education in […]

The Second Amendment is Here to Stay; So are Guns

January 16, 2013


There should not be a Congressman living who would allow a presidential order to circumvent the second amendment.  For those who fear we will be just like pre-war Germany, remember, they did not have a history of democracy and certainly no second amendment. Most people are against citizens retaining the mutant military machine guns.  Few […]


President Promises Executive Action on Gun Control

January 15, 2013

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With fears being ramped up in some quarters about all guns being taken from citizens the way the Nazis seized the guns of their citizenry in 1928, President Obama is, in many minds, shadowing Hitler in promising executive action on gun control. Many believe that armed Jews would have prevented the holocaust.  But the specter […]

Their Power Eroding, Will White People Now Face Prejudice and Payback?

January 14, 2013

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The US Congress is more mixed in the ethnic and racial background of its members than ever before.  In England, the most popular name for a baby is Mohammed.  Times are changing and more rapidly than could ever be imagined.  We have to ask:  As white people decline in numbers and power, will regard for […]

Slow Slide Toward Citizen Separation

January 12, 2013


So many of the issues we have made important in recent years have eroded trust and an ability for citizens to work together for the greater good.  The polarity that exists now among many seems beyond repair. However, do we have to accept the inabilities of those in the public eye to successfully hammer out […]

SamHenry and her scooter – life at waist level continues

December 16, 2012


The son of one of my aides poses next to the new patio that will serve as a “turn table” for my scooter.  The view is from my back porch.  Life at waist-level continues.  It looks as if surgery on the hip will not be before late spring.  Ugh!  But hang in there with me.

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SamHenry Discovers Life in a Wheelchair

October 27, 2012


Life in a wheelchair?  Only temporary we hope.  But a couple of conditions that have developed aside from the need for a new hip have resulted in life at waist level.  Not being able to care for oneself is not the end of the world, it just teaches you about a new one. Who pays […]

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