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CNN’s Borger Declares End of the Palin Era

January 20, 2011


“She’s outstayed her welcome.”   That’s really the thesis of Gloria Borger’s recent essay on why Palin is passe and down in the polls.  “America is tired of her.”    Now I am  not a great Palin fan but I have stood in admiration of what she has been able to achieve in spite of, well, […]

Training Congress is Like Training a Puppy

December 18, 2010


We the American people need to take our Congress back.  The summer prior to the passage of the   contentious health care legislation, Congress played us like a violin.  We were “polarized” and “manipulized” to the point that we formed large, long columns of warriors behind our representatives and shouted our support down the lane.  What […]

Bristol Palin as Legitimate DWTS Finalist Backed by Brandy’s Partner

November 18, 2010


Before the competition began this week on Dancing with the Stars and he and Brandy Norwood  were eliminated, Maksim Chmerkovskiy spouted “party” line about the fairness of the outcome in including votes from viewers.  France24]  Considering he had tangled with one of the judges, this was not in character for Maksim.  For the show’s policy […]

Congress Configuration Now – What It Bodes for the Future

November 13, 2010


In a discussion on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 last night (Friday, November 12, 2010), one of their regular commentators, Republican media consultant Alex Castellanos, opined that with the Democratic “Blue Dogs” (more moderate) gone and only a couple remaining, progressives rule on that side of the aisle. In addition, in the next go-round, many more […]

Smug/Nasty Comments in the Media About Bristol Palin’s Status on DWTS

November 10, 2010


Bristol and her partner are safe for another week of Dancing with the Stars. After each elimination show, the losing couple appears on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. The losers this week were the gracious and now not without talent former football Cardinals  quarterback, Kurt Warner.  None of the accounts of the show in which he […]

Jeb Bush 2012? Only if He Survives Old Video of Him Trashing Palin

November 8, 2010


Ever since he stepped down as Governor of Florida due to term limits, Jeb Bush has answered the question “will you be running for president”? quickly and forcefully with “No.” What would almost certainly preclude that from happening would be an old video still out there on YouTube.  Here are remarks he made about Sarah […]

November 2nd GOP and TP Gains Could Melt If Attitudes Don’t Temper

November 2, 2010


There are two major items that the GOP/TP/Conservative winners need to consider as landmines in their new roles in Washington and in their home states. Residual animosity between the GOP and the Tea Party Activists. Intensified  attacks from the Democratic progressives and their followers because of their losses. Inability to shape programs and ideas people […]

The Truth About Jon Stewart, The Republican Corner on Corporate America, and Other Myths.

October 27, 2010


What is happening to our country is a tragedy. But satirist Jon Stewart makes it seem like an entertaining movie with a happy ending – Barack Obama and Company will walk away with the 2010 elections.  But make no mistake, comedian or satirist or whatever else you may call him, Jon Stewart is deadly serious […]

BeWitching Ad by Christine O’Donnell

October 6, 2010


Republican Candidate for US Senate in Delaware, Christine O’Donnell has made two fatal campaign errors that suggest “strangeness” is going down: She will not talk to the national media.  Hermits are usually unelectable – this is a public office. [Sarah Palin left the public spotlight AFTER leaving office, not during the time she was seeking […]

Aaron Sorkin Couldn’t Destroy Palin and But Diminished CNN’s Parker-Spitzer

October 5, 2010

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Oh, my. on the launch of CNN’s new show, Parker-Spitzer, guest  Aaron Sorkin, who has provided  some memorable entertainment moments as a screenwriter, producer and playwright , did not disappoint this night.  He tossed off  comedic bombast as if it were popcorn: “Republicans have moved into a mental institution.” The creator of  TV’s award-winning West […]

Sen. Thune Threatens Tea Party Movement Could Be a 3rd Party by 2012. Where’s Sarah?

October 3, 2010


John Thune’s Wikipedia  bio is up to date – it even mentions a possible Presidential bid for the South Dakota Senator.  Since defeating former Senate  Minority Leader Tom Dashel in 2004, his head has barely been out of the clouds it seems. He is pretty much a mirror of Sarah Palin but unlike Mrs. Palin, […]

Congress Has Left the Building in the Company of OFA and the Chief Executive Oaf in Office

September 30, 2010


Did anyone see if Dame Pelosi left town in government aircraft on her way home to California to re-elect herself?  Ah, well, I guess the third in line to the throne must be protected.  But there are degrees in everything and the size of the aircraft should have been corporate jet small.  We can all […]

16 Republican Presidential Hopefuls Silently Test the Waters and Let Palin Sink or Swim

September 26, 2010


Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour claims there are at least 17 Republican presidential hopefuls for 2012. The A-Team Nine – Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the front-runner, largely because he was the runner-up to Sen. John McCain in 2008. – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has recently made a name for herself by endorsing winning […]

O’Donnell and Obama: Caution, Media Creates Underdogs. Voters Love Underdogs

September 18, 2010


Have you noticed how the media has photographed O’Donnell as a clone Palin?  And have you noted the sanctimonious way in which the Republican stalwarts have announced that they will make her prove her salt before giving her money?  They threw her back to the conservatives to protect. They are treating her in Palin mode […]

Delaware Debacle for Republican Party. Game Over

September 14, 2010


RIP Republican Party.  The Tea Party Candidates and the Traditional Republicans (RHINOS to some) have torn it asunder.  Of Course the Main Stream Media via CNN quoted unnamed sources to signal the end as O’Donnell trounced Castle in Delaware’s Republican Primary: “Until she [O’Donnell] demonstrates some viability in the polls we are not going to […]