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Congress Has Left the Building in the Company of OFA and the Chief Executive Oaf in Office

September 30, 2010


Did anyone see if Dame Pelosi left town in government aircraft on her way home to California to re-elect herself?  Ah, well, I guess the third in line to the throne must be protected.  But there are degrees in everything and the size of the aircraft should have been corporate jet small.  We can all […]


June 22, 2010


It’s entirely possible that the Obama dictatorship continues.  DC has been rife with rumors that the President will simply bypass Congress and grant amnesty to all illegals currently in this country and, without secure borders, any who can get here before the order goes into effect. An alert from Numbers USA carried the following this […]

Americans – We need to Make Case Free-Enterprise Morally Superior to Socialism Not Just More Efficient

June 19, 2010


A recent article in the Economist takes up the theories of  Arthur Brooks who contends that the proper push for the precepts of free enterprise  may just lead us part of the way home – home from the nightmare of the direction the current Administration is taking us – toward Socialism. Lexington The 70-30 nation […]

Obama’s Triple Header: Health Care, Education Finance and Immigration Reform

March 19, 2010


Timing is everything. For weeks now we have all marveled at how calculated the roll outs have been for legislation in relation to events and/or other issues related to same.  The Obama “Organization” (it is beyond Administration) has an ability to calculate and control far beyond its Organizing for America database and  its wizards and […]

OFA Now Threatening No Voting Congressmen Over Health Care Reform

March 11, 2010


It’s gone too far. Organizing for America’s Mitch Stewart has just put out a new e-mail to the faithful requesting that people call those representatives and Senators who will or may vote against health care to: let them know there is a political price to favoring big insurance companies over the American people — OFA […]

Obama, Failure-in-Chief

March 8, 2010


Obama seems to pin his hopes on final passage of health care reform on the fall mid-term elections. He said it with his new-found force during the health care summit. He is counting on the public in November to be thoroughly fed up with Republicans which he has repeatedly characterized as the “party of no.”  […]

Flea Party Needed

March 5, 2010


A Flea Party? Why not!  Things far more ridiculous and downright dangerous are happening. Next, legislation will be passed and signed under cover of darkness. With some Democratic senators caving on voting against Health Care Reform, has anyone checked the blue dog Dems?  Should we, like President Barack, threaten a little something? Let’s meet at […]

Pelosi Making it Hard for Dems to be Loved

February 28, 2010


1. In interviews over the weekend, Dame Pelosi dismissed the Republicans from the legislative process. They’ve had plenty of opportunity to make their voices heard,” she said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning. “Bipartisanship is a two-way street. A bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes. Republicans have left their imprint.” [The Hill] […]

Sarah Palin Mistreated by Liberal American Taliban

February 8, 2010


Good grief. Liberal pundits are carrying on as if a picture were worth a trillion dollars – eh – words. TMZ [link from Legalinsurrection] and others have published photos of the Palin palms inscribed with memory jogging words for her Tea Party address and are acting as if they have seen the stigmata. Next time […]

High on Himself – Obama Enjoyed His SOTU Fantasy

January 28, 2010


In the President’s eyes, his resurrection was at hand. In his eyes, the SOTU  gave him the power to turn things around. Humor and charm were everywhere. He made a passing wave at sharing our pain and then told us he really hated to take some of the painful measures he had taken. It was […]

Living in a Caliphate; Speaking Chinese – Our Future if Obama Moves on These SOTU Initiatives

January 28, 2010

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This was not a State of the Union Address. This was a wake up call to we the people. This was the same old sleight of hand that will lead to our demise.  All of the humor and charm could not ice this cake. Big bad banks were taken to task as were the Republicans.  […]

OFA Now Liability to Obama? Massachusetts May be Game Changer for the “Machine”

January 18, 2010


It started as a grassroots movement. But aren’t grassroots movements started by the people at that lever rather than “organizers”?  With a background in community organizing, Barack Obama and his followers organized a nation of volunteer communities and swept to power in 2008 by using  slick on-line software and calling themselves – Obama for America.  […]

Obama Packs Up His Lies and Heads to Massachusetts

January 16, 2010


Our North American dictator, El Obama, has ordered his men at Organizing for America [formerly the Obama Campaign Organization that he turned over to the Democratic Party upon being elected President] to gather the storm troopers for an assault on Massachusetts where the embattled Scott Brown and his supporters have been standing their ground firing […]

Another Obama Lie – He Never Was for Public Option

January 14, 2010


Too bad Senators Lieberman and Nelson. You took a big hit.  You stood up for a centrist approach to the Affordable Health Care Act 2009, caved to pressure and went home for the holidays.  You are men without a country. Today, the following was made known about who was really responsible for the new look […]

BREAKING: Paul Begala’s Lowlife Remarks RE Palin and FOX Outrageous

January 11, 2010


Just said; Just in: 4:45 PM – When Wolf Blitzer told Paul Begala that Sarah Palin was going to be a contributor at FOX, the unabashedly coarse and back biting socialist opened his mouth to say: He hoped she doesn’t quit like she did in Alaska. She would be joining all of the other ignorant […]