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Freshman Repub in Congress Voted a Hottie. Study Links Beauty With Brains

January 25, 2011


What a fortunate coming together of facts.   Readership of Huffington Post have spoken  and Republican Representative Kristi Noem of South Dakota has been voted the Congressional “hottie.” It has long been known that the beautiful people garner higher salaries. [physorg.coml    Now new UK and US studies have found a link between beauty and brains. [DailyMail] […]

Life In Space – Any Chance for A Bailout?

December 2, 2010


With yesterday’s announcement that NASA would discuss extraterrestrial life at a news conference today, all last night visions of space alien bankers danced through my head.  They could  not only bail  us out of our financial mess – they may even  have been able to send us a ship to leave.  About all the US […]

Obama to India Hat-In-Hand

November 8, 2010


The President who has done the most to muddy the waters of co-operation and understanding in foreign affairs is now in Asia, hat in hand, cruising for crumbs, The economic agreement that will bring jobs to Boeing and others related to aircraft manufacture is neither new nor surprising.  There were no joint ventures announced or […]

Scientists Capture Sounds from A Star

November 7, 2010


Scientists at the University of Birmingham have reconstructed the sound produced by a star. Starquakes inside stars resonate and cause the light they emit to flicker. These frequencies have been detected by the Kepler Space Telescope and interpreted by scientists working with Nasa. Researchers at the University of Birmingham have taken one month of data […]

The Naked Troll

November 5, 2010


Up until this moment, internet trolls have had to hide behind cloak IDs and sharp wits.  If they were to venture from the virtual to the real world, they wouldn’t have a thing to wear.  What’s a digital dude to do? Now science has found a material that will do for most mere mortals – […]

Are We Politically Hard Wired? Scientists Find “Liberal” Gene

October 27, 2010


Good grief.  In politics we are hard wired?  A new study has found the “liberal” Gene.  If the Dems win and more Fema camps are built, they will now they will vote to hold newborns who need indoctrination due to DNA profile. Geesh, next they will discover those of us hiding the chocolate lovers gene […]

Asian Unicorn: Must We Kill Rare Species in the Attempt to Study and Preserve Them – UPDATE 4/2011

September 18, 2010

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Do we really have to preserve the DNA of all endangered species?  Do we need to capture and cage them?  Each time we see the picture of a captured rare land or aquatic life form dragged up before a camera, it is dead, not alive or has died shortly thereafter.   Capturing these rare creatures really […]

Physics in the Mind of Stephen Hawking and Islam

September 16, 2010


Stephen Hawking’s new book The Grand Design was launched recently and I watched him interviewed several times along with this co-author, Leonard Mlodinow.  The American Public was focused on the 9th anniversary of 9/11 and the burning of Qurans.  In all this uproar I thought:  I wonder what Islam thinks of modern physics and Stephen […]

Stephen Hawking Says God Did Not Create the Universe – It’s Self-Created. Updated 9/3/2010

September 2, 2010

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Just when we need to be reassured that there is a kind and caring God, the genius physicist Stephen Hawking reappears on the galactic horizon with a new book in which he pulls back from a previous position that God may have had something to do with the creation of the universe.  He has moved […]

Respite From The Oil Spill Nightmare – Even Though All Not Resolved

July 15, 2010


Most in this nation will sleep better tonight knowing that even if short-lived, some control has been brought to bear on the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  This has been a disaster that has sapped the already enervated US population now fighting unemployment, two endless wars in the Middle East, the uncertain outcome […]

NASA Mission to Muslim Nations: What’s Right and Wrong About it.

July 6, 2010


The remarks of NASA Administrator and former astronaut, Charles  Bolden, when the charge Obama had given to him first was announced back in February is worth revisiting: Specifically, he talked about connecting with countries that do not have an established space program and helping them conduct science missions. He mentioned new opportunities with Indonesia, including […]


July 5, 2010


[HT to Samiam60 at VotingFemale] News of President Obama’s charge to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden to reach out to Muslim nations first surfaced in February in the Orlando Sentinel – an appropriate vehicle in the opinion of many because it seems pure fantasy. WASHINGTON — NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden said Tuesday that President Barack Obama […]

Long Air Travel Lines – Cost to Airlines, Government and US

December 29, 2009


It is reported that full body scanners that DO scan for the material used in the December 25th thwarted bombing attack do now exist. []  It is to be  hoped that these kinds of machines with this level of effectiveness will be chosen and not more of what is out there today.  Either way, guess […]

Homeland Security Data Management – A Disaster Waiting to Happen? UPDATE 1/8/2009

December 29, 2009


The reports of what occurred to prevent DHS authorities from catching the Detroit Diaper Bomber before he tried detonate his crotch supports theories of data management that I had discussed December 2009.  The primary cause of not bringing up correct data: Errors such as typos in input Search strategies that are deficient The above are […]

Climate What? Who? Cheerless Foreign Press Coverage of Copenhagen Confusion

December 15, 2009


As reported last week,  the Chinese headed to Copenhagen for the Climate Conference already concerned about the rights of poor, underdeveloped nations of which they consider themselves one. The Conference dawned and as suspected, African nations in the lead (China’s favored trading partners) China, India and a chorus of underdeveloped nations walked out of a […]