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Enough! Now You’re Prejudiced If You Worried About Gov Christie’s Weight – CNN

October 8, 2011


Rebecca Puhl, Director of  Research at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale has coolly”observed”  what she termed “media frenzy” over Governor Chris Christie’s weight during the period of his considering a run for President.  She drew a parallel with other types of stereotyping such as  gender and race lending “weight” [pun […]

US Declares Arming Rebels Means Training; We Already Have Troops On the Ground to Do This

March 30, 2011

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Holding President Obama back from rushing ahead to arm the rebels in Libya is the idea that for the more complicated weapons, training is needed.  We agonize over having boots on the ground.  Well On My Watch has already posted an article about the fact that there are already US boots on the ground: Islamabad—The […]

If You are Intolerant, This is Not the Blog for You

January 13, 2011


SamHenry has observed events since the shootings in Arizona.  In the past tragedies of this scope have brought us together.  Now they only serve as platforms for further political insults and worse. As we grow more intolerant, SamHenry has tried to keep a footing and watch the compass.  It is difficult.  Disapproval of the views […]

Is It PC to Say “Happy Thanksgiving”?

November 25, 2010


Political correctness doesn’t take a day off.  We probably ought to be terribly careful and say “Happy Holiday” in case someone is celebrating something else somewhere in the world today.  With globalization, we can’t just stop the PC at our borders. And this isn’t the holiday my Jewish friends eat at Chinese restaurants. How did […]

Bristol Palin as Legitimate DWTS Finalist Backed by Brandy’s Partner

November 18, 2010


Before the competition began this week on Dancing with the Stars and he and Brandy Norwood  were eliminated, Maksim Chmerkovskiy spouted “party” line about the fairness of the outcome in including votes from viewers.  France24]  Considering he had tangled with one of the judges, this was not in character for Maksim.  For the show’s policy […]

SamHenry on the News Media Turmoil – Platforms, Ethics and Subsidies

October 22, 2010


NOTE: SamHenry is returning briefly from a two-week hiatus to address the furor that has erupted  over the firing of Juan Williams from National Public Radio (NPR).  The issues raised are too important to be glossed over. Beyond ethics, where is it written that an employee should undergo a review of his work and his […]

Liberals and Progressives Cluttered the Mall Sunday, October 2

October 3, 2010


Sunday, October 2, the Liberals and Progressives had their time in the sun demonstrating that they love Ameria more than anyone and that they have the inside track on guidance from the Godhead on how to proceed to fix things. The hot to trot Union members had their own take on how we got where […]

Not Banning the Burqa in France Would Not Stop Terror Attacks

October 2, 2010


The U.S. is expected to issue a travel alert for Europe in light of recent terror threat information, U.S. officials said Saturday. Possible backlash from the French burqa ban is considered a factor. [CNN] In the war against terror, it doesn’t take any action on the part of any of the western nation these days […]

VP Biden’s Son’s Attack O’Donnell Should NOT Be Taken Seriously

September 29, 2010


Utilizing both the prestige of his role at Delaware’s Attorney General and the influence he  holds as the son of the Vice President of the United States, Beau Biden has warned voters about Delaware US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell: Delaware state Attorney General Beau Biden said his state’s Republican Senate nominee, Christine O’Donnell, “should be […]

Barack Obama’s Political Death Wish

August 15, 2010


It’s almost as if he determined at the outset that he would be a one term president. He is a realist.  From his initial press conference to his trips abroad, he never said anything off-hand and much of what he said was controversial.  If he were on trial, his attorneys would have advised that he […]

SamHenry on the Second American Revolution – or Have I Missed It?

August 4, 2010


When Jack Cafferty asked his audience today if  there will be a second American Revolution a certain number might have said yes; others no and still others might have quietly gone to the bank to take out all their savings, filled the car tank with gas, raided the grocery store and got home to clean […]

Sherrod’s Full Tape Shows Her Unrepentent Hate of Rich White Republicans

July 30, 2010


From the President to the press, months of broadly categorizing the GOP as racist and in linking it to the Tea Party, may have finally paid off.  After Andrew Breitbart at Big Government, a noted Conservative blogger, published a post citing Shirley Sherrod of the Department of Agriculture as racist based on a portion of […]

Historic Import of Diana’s Wedding

July 27, 2010


29 years ago July 29, 2010, Lady Diana Spencer was driven in the famous Glass Coach from Clarence House with her father, The Earl Spencer, to St. Paul’s Cathedral, London for her wedding to Charles Arthur  Philip George, the Prince of Wales.  Later, in her nervousness during the service, Diana did not say his names […]

There Never Really Was a Melting Pot, Was There

July 27, 2010


YouTube videos of the Brown Berets, a Latino activist group, that arrive at Tea Party and other white protests with  megaphones and tell everyone to go home to Europe are unsettling.  But aren’t the Brown Berets at least 1/2 European?  Aren’t most Mexicans mestizo?  Not necessarily.  But most are and the native heritage seems to […]

Do Democrats or Asteroids Cause Extinctions? Something Larger than Man Must Control Climate Change

July 26, 2010


Recently we received the good word that asteroids knock out life on earth roughly every 27 million years and it is calculated that we have about 16 million years left before another round of it.  It was the asteroids that helped make mammals supreme having last time around focused on killing dinosaurs. [CNN] No worries, […]