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September 6, 2011


VICTORY OVER TERROR From the ashes, the emergency responders – the trustworthy and dedicated firemen of New York City – raise Old Glory.  “…[A]nd our flag was still there,” remember that.  Believe in the American spirit.  It is fearless, tireless, but above all, a living thing.  It remembers but it moves forward.  Celebrate that spirit […]

Demonstrations Friday in Iraq; Ahmadinejad Predicts Upheval Spread to Europe and N. America

February 23, 2011


Iranian leader/oppressor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has predicted that the Upheval in the Middle East Will Spread to Europe and North America.  He should read On My  Watch. SamHenry has been predicting this in a couple of recent posts.  Caution: you don’t need to get a graduate degree in geography with a minor in migration to see […]

Goaded by Racial Slurs, Dallas Commissioner Tells Insulting Whites “You’re White. Go to Hell”

February 16, 2011


At Tuesday’s meeting of the Dallas County Commissioners’ Court, Commissioner John Wiley Price, a black, was heckled by whites using what he understood to be racial slurs regarding his alleged participation in forcing the resignation of  an Election Commissioner who was a 24-year county employee.  Following the session, Price exploded at the offending group that […]

Chinese Merchants Target Northern Iraq

February 15, 2011


A Chinese woman stocks the shelves of her store in a Chinese marketplace in semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan in northern Iraq.  She got there because she responded to an ad from a Chinese company. She and the company believe there will be expanding opportunities in this region of Iraq: “I came to do business here. I […]

Turmoil in Africa and M.E.- Our Oil, Allies and Troops at Risk

January 28, 2011


Oil is not only for running cars and machines.  It is the basis for a number of products not the least of which are life-saving pharmaceuticals.  We have a lot at stake without it. We cannot lose our close military cooperation with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and of course Israel.  These countries are a bulwark […]

Nasty Disconnect: Todd Palin’s Alleged Affair Will End Sarah’s Political Career

January 24, 2011


Google Todd Palin and Affair and you will find multiple articles concluding roughly this: Accusations of infidelity are nothing to toy with and have prevented more than one hopeful for seeking a presidential seat. In the 2008 presidential election, two of the main Republicans speculated to run prior to the primaries, Rudy Giuliani and Newt […]

Kate and Wills: Common Touch for Their Wedding a Tad Too Common?

January 21, 2011


It is remarkable that Kate and William have been sensitive to the economy and those suffering from its rigors.  As a result, they have opted for a car to transport Kate to the Abbey (also the symbolism in this is that she will not yet be royal) and for wedding guests to donate to their […]

CNN’s Borger Declares End of the Palin Era

January 20, 2011


“She’s outstayed her welcome.”   That’s really the thesis of Gloria Borger’s recent essay on why Palin is passe and down in the polls.  “America is tired of her.”    Now I am  not a great Palin fan but I have stood in admiration of what she has been able to achieve in spite of, well, […]

Is Wikileaks a Purveyor of News or Chaos?

January 18, 2011


Surrounded by cries of “protected under free speech” and “this is journalism,” Wikileaks sails on and moves fearlessly against economic and political targets that some regard as virtual fortresses of power and influence. But where is Wikileaks’ sense of responsibility; of ethics?  Where is the line? The Society of Professional Journalist Code of Ethics is […]

If You are Intolerant, This is Not the Blog for You

January 13, 2011


SamHenry has observed events since the shootings in Arizona.  In the past tragedies of this scope have brought us together.  Now they only serve as platforms for further political insults and worse. As we grow more intolerant, SamHenry has tried to keep a footing and watch the compass.  It is difficult.  Disapproval of the views […]

David Nelson of “Ozzie and Harriet” Dies Aged 74

January 12, 2011


Another of the icons for the childhood of men and women of a certain age has died: Navid Nelson, the older Nelson son of Ozzie and Harriet, stars of “Ozzie and Harriet” on TV during the 50s and 60s. While Rick was styled as “irrepressible” and played the entertaining smart alec, David was more of […]

BLM Mustang Round Up Reflects American Character and Values.

January 4, 2011


This post is in honor of the Texas horsewoman writing at who raises horses and the conscience of Americans about the fate of the mustangs. The Bureau of Land Management assured a CNN reporter today that all round ups are different.  It does not appear so. Reporters are kept at a distance.  Surely if […]


January 2, 2011


In the absence of drawing post positions for the race to 2012, it will be the start of the race itself that will help determine how the entries will run. The Republicans  have been trumpeting their resolve to take down much of the framework of the Health Care legislation crafted by the Democrats and passed […]

Obama Back In “Local” Politics – His Actions Akin to Insisting Air Force One Land on a Pacific Atoll

December 29, 2010


Obama just doesn’t get  it.  When it comes to local politics or issues with which he does not have  time to become embroiled or to follow through, he has no sense of propriety or proportion in the execution of the priorities of his office.  For the third time in his presidency, he has dragged  his […]

SamHenry on Americans and Gambling – It’s in Our DNA

December 22, 2010


Today taking a gamble that there would be a parking place near a very large Wegman’s market, SamHenry embarked on yet another singular adventure in an ordinary setting. Each year Sam’s brother sends a $100 Wegman’s Food Store gift card with the plea “don’t spend it all on chocolate.”  That’s taking a gamble on  his […]