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Lance Armstrong Has Sullied The Integrity of the US Itself

January 18, 2013

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We must never forget that Lance Armstrong represented the United States in two major arenas:  the Olympics and the Tour de France.  But he forgot that.  He was out for personal gain and glory.  Aside from music, sports is one of the biggest human exercises that unites the globe. Perhaps character building and education in […]

New Brain Study of Elders Supports What Many Socialzed Medicine Followers Will Want to Hear

January 6, 2012


A segment of the Mark Levin Show in November attempted to paint a scary picture of an Obama administration policy that would be forthcoming.  It would be along the lines of what Sarah Palin called “Death Panels”  – that is, every patient over 70 would be provided care at a level of just making them […]

Post Tsunami Japan Sees Some Surprisingly Hostile Treatment of Elderly

March 19, 2011


As the waters receded, it became clear that a high portion of Japan’s elderly contributed to the nations’ death toll.  With one of the world’s largest  aging populations prior to the disaster, post-tsunami and earth quake, some surprising attitudes and actions against this vulnerable group were laid bare. The aging of Japan’s population is proving […]

Obama to India Hat-In-Hand

November 8, 2010


The President who has done the most to muddy the waters of co-operation and understanding in foreign affairs is now in Asia, hat in hand, cruising for crumbs, The economic agreement that will bring jobs to Boeing and others related to aircraft manufacture is neither new nor surprising.  There were no joint ventures announced or […]

SamHenry on Abortion Rights – Teaching An Old Dog New Things

October 24, 2010


The 1963 movie, The Cardinal (based on a novel of the same name) followed a young priest and his many trials on the road to becoming a Cardinal.  One of the most difficult moments in his life was when his sister was dying and the only way to save her was through an abortion (illegal […]