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Al Jazeera America – Can Money Buy Success?

August 25, 2013


Many people think that TV station al Jazeera America is owned by al Qaeda. In point of fact, it is owned by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al ThaniPast who has that stunning wife who has made an art form of the hajib and who hobnobs with European and American “royalty.” Still […]


August 20, 2013


Al Jazeera America will be launched on TV in the US today at 3:00 PM EDT.  Many of us have waited for this moment and have written our support of this day.  But when I called to have my Dish service upgraded so that I could receive it, I was told by the young man […]

Time Out for Fairness: The Piers Morgan – Toure Encounter and the Breitbart Hack Headline

March 31, 2012


Breitbart has a feature article titled: “MSNBC’s Toure has epic Race-Baiting Meltdown on CNN.”  It seemed a must read or rather a must watch clip from CNN’s Piers Morgan show.  Having watched the video, the headline is as far from the truth of the content as Africa from Central America.  It is a hack headline […]

Press Assn. Dinner And CNN Coverage – Pure Entertainment – Purpose Eclipsed

May 1, 2011


Even Wikipedia states that the original intent of the annual dinner has been lost to increasing coziness between the White House and the press; between Hollywood and both.  They point to the fact the in recognition of this fact, the New York Times no longer sends a representative.  Can it be – a Wikipedia article […]

America c2c Website – Who is Really Behind It and Why Can’t We Contact Him/Her?

April 5, 2011


A friend told me about, a Conservative website. One has to register or join to view the site.  I reluctantly registered because whichever vehicle you choose – Yahoo, Google, Facebook, in addition to their own registration form, you must agree that those sites can turn all information they have on you over to America […]

The Unpleasantness of The Royal Wedding – Big Bussiness for Press and Palace and Tourism

April 3, 2011


One thing is clear:  coverage of the Royal Wedding is currently sucking the air out of press rooms worldwide.  This was the assessment of a panel discussion on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning.  Budgets have even been earmarked for the event. Helping to generate addictive interest in the event months out – the Palace and […]

Staging a Riot – Positions Please – Let the Photographers and Journalists Through

March 28, 2011


Here is how just a few out of control people can grab maximum attention – a single photograph is all it takes .  One wonders if there are photographers/journalists sympathetic to their cause among the press corps surrounding and weaving through such events. The actions of these more violent protesters at times appear carefully staged […]

SamHenry’s Sunday Sillies from the Headlines for 3/20/2011

March 20, 2011


Amazing news of time travel from the Hadron collider deep underground somewhere in Switzerland.  They have discovered a particle that can move through time dimensions.  They say it does not mean men can travel (women will find a way) but it does mean we can send messages to, say, the past.  Why would we want […]

CNN – Is It a “Reliable Source”? The NPR Scandal Puts Them On Edge

March 13, 2011


Sunday mornings brings CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Howard Kurtz. According to the CNN page devoted to the show, the philosophy behind it is put forth: Now more than ever, the press is a part of every story it covers. And CNN’s “Reliable Sources” is one of television’s only regular programs to examine how journalists […]

Sarah Palin Trip to India Rich in Speculation; Pregnant with Possibilities for a Presidential Run

March 7, 2011


Will Sarah Palin soon be sporting this? It may not have been expected but it is no surprise that Sarah Palin has decided to visit India.  Her computer isn’t down, just her rank in the polls as Michelle Bachmann closes in on her tea party crown. [Washington Post] While the traditional route to the presidency […]

Will Muslim Brotherhood or the US “Steal” Egyptian Revolution

February 21, 2011


The US press is full of fear that the Muslim Brotherhood will show its “true” colors and if not this year, then years from now ultimately “steal” the Egyptian Revolution.  Our ally, Israel, is fearful of the eventual outcome of the Revolution: An article titled “The Real Egyptian Revolution” paints this picture: The actual Jan […]


February 21, 2011


Here’s the attention-grabbing New York Times headline Matt Drudge was heralding with a “developing” tag in the early morning hours : Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter We here at WordPress didn’t have to read the article to know that blogs here are not part of a drift or decline.  The […]

Sarah Palin Bashed in Brittish Press Tabloid

February 18, 2011


It’s hardly a remark by Sarah Palin deserving of screaming headlines.  She was making a joke and the point of it was not absolute accuracy about milk.  It was an effective phrase to undercut  the first Lady’s politicization of personal choices .  The Daily Mail is essentially an upscale tabloid – the UK version of […]

Keith Obermann – Dancing with the Stars?

January 22, 2011


According to CNN on-air comments during last night’s Anderson Cooper 360, Keith Obermann’s exit from MSNBC was expected and Obermann is not unhappy about it.  Officially, the reason being buzzed is that Comcast’s purchase of NBC Universal resulted in the leave-taking.  He’s happy to be moving on.  But to what and where?  Dancing with the […]

Is Wikileaks a Purveyor of News or Chaos?

January 18, 2011


Surrounded by cries of “protected under free speech” and “this is journalism,” Wikileaks sails on and moves fearlessly against economic and political targets that some regard as virtual fortresses of power and influence. But where is Wikileaks’ sense of responsibility; of ethics?  Where is the line? The Society of Professional Journalist Code of Ethics is […]