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China Threatens India and Viet Nam Over Their Energy Exploration Agreement

September 22, 2011

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We had long thought that Communist China, always behind Hanoi during the Viet Nam war, was primarily interested in the area due to potential oil and gas resources.  Proof of the importance of not only the resources but their location to her in (Reuters) – A joint energy project between India and Vietnam in the […]

Free Trade Zone Between India and EU Will Raise Prices and Profits for Big Pharma

March 29, 2011

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Free trade often comes at a high price.  The one between India and the EU that had been slated to be signed in April is one such example. It has citizens of India who rely on inexpensive generic drugs produced by small firms such as generic drugs for HIV patients. These would in effect be […]

Sarah Palin Trip to India Rich in Speculation; Pregnant with Possibilities for a Presidential Run

March 7, 2011


Will Sarah Palin soon be sporting this? It may not have been expected but it is no surprise that Sarah Palin has decided to visit India.  Her computer isn’t down, just her rank in the polls as Michelle Bachmann closes in on her tea party crown. [Washington Post] While the traditional route to the presidency […]

India Ready to Resume Talks With Pakistan Citing Future of Subcontinent at Risk

March 4, 2011

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The Prime Minister of India has stated his government’s willingness to resume talks with Pakistan with an “open mind.”  Putting aside fallout from the Pakistan-based Muslim group’s attack on Mumbai, the Indian government is even willing to discuss Jammu and Kashmir.  There is a firm belief that the prosperity of the subcontinent is at risk […]

Apple Ipad Missing 7 Anticipated Things According to Annalyists in India

March 4, 2011


The Times of India is reporting that the much vaunted AppleIpad2 has been released lacking 7 major, anticipated items. If one looks at the complete experience and as a package, iPad 2 is likely to remain unchallenged for a while as the best tablet computing device, but it is far from perfect.1. It was widely […]

Obama to India Hat-In-Hand

November 8, 2010


The President who has done the most to muddy the waters of co-operation and understanding in foreign affairs is now in Asia, hat in hand, cruising for crumbs, The economic agreement that will bring jobs to Boeing and others related to aircraft manufacture is neither new nor surprising.  There were no joint ventures announced or […]

Barack in India: “The White House has the advantage of low expectations”

November 5, 2010

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It is startling to read in the pages of the latest issue of TIME magazine that the Obama Administration’s so-called advantage in the trip to India is low expectations. The Obama administration wants to highlight strong economic ties with India, while the Indian government wants the U.S. to take a tougher line with Pakistan and […]

Fabled East India Company Brand Revived But Will India Open to Trade?

August 5, 2010


The storied and powerful name of the East India Company will brand products once again.  But unlike the former corporation bearing the name, it will not be a major military and political force on the subcontinent. The trading partnership that became the East India Company was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600. […]


June 26, 2010


When you review the list of news stories at and find that a story about extending phone battery life precedes one about a 66 year old Indian woman giving birth to triplets you have to say to yourself: extending phone battery life could not be problematic but  how did she prolong hers? Here’s how […]

What if You Threw a Nice Nuclear Summit and No One Came?

April 11, 2010


I guess the word on the street is that you can’t have too many nuclear summits.  The spring global social season will feature two such affairs this week.  One will be hosted by our own President, Barak Obama; the other by Iran’s Prime Minister, Hoping to add to his collection of signed agreements for 2010, […]

Iran February Surprise – Will this be a Pastry or Something…

February 10, 2010


Al Qaeda uses classic strategic weaponry: fear and surprise. Rarely in the annals of military history have leaders announced a surprise. Ahmadinejad in Iran has announced that on February 11, he will have a truly big surprise for us. This whole scenario has pretty much played out before although not recently.  There were several explorers […]

Airport Scan of Film Star Distributed – Hope this Scares Terrorists

February 9, 2010


It’s happened. All of our scanning nightmares have come true. At Heathrow Airport the scan of Indian film star Shahrukh Khan was printed and distributed by staff captivated by his naked charm.. Do we laugh or cry? Personally, I laughed then cried. This is so typical of the West’s inability to effectively fight terrorism. We […]

Afghanistan – “It’s Complicated” – ask Pakistan and India

February 3, 2010

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An adventurous soul, I recently followed an unexpected Google query result to, a site decidedly Pakistai. I landed on a post about the development of India’s fighter aircraft, Tajas.  In the comments, Pakistanis and Indians were really going at it – very often in rather pornographic terms. One Emperor.Babur would say things like”a carrot […]

China, India and the US – Fight for the Future Begins at Midnight

December 31, 2009


While we here in the US look forward to a ball drop in Times Square this evening, for the other shoe to drop on Wall Street, China Daily and the Asian Times carried articles with self-congratulation about past success, and confidence for future prospects. China Daily: A triumphant decade (China Daily) Updated: 2009-12-31 07:50 Ten […]

US for Sale: Obama Cedes Chunk of GM to China

December 5, 2009


It has not been long since President Obama returned from his trip to Asia in general, China in particular. We now discover that a large part of GM’s share in a partnership entered into with China’s SAIC auto company has been sold to SAIC. The Financial Times reported today that: General Motors is to cede […]