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2012 Racial Race to the White House

September 25, 2011


The issue of illegal immigration infected the GOP Presidential debates.  Perry supports financial breaks for illegals from Mexico and South America to go to school.  That has unleashed a firestorm. And now the President of the United states, not trusting in his seconds to do it for him or his seconds having refused to do […]

Free Trade Zone Between India and EU Will Raise Prices and Profits for Big Pharma

March 29, 2011

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Free trade often comes at a high price.  The one between India and the EU that had been slated to be signed in April is one such example. It has citizens of India who rely on inexpensive generic drugs produced by small firms such as generic drugs for HIV patients. These would in effect be […]

Demonstrations Friday in Iraq; Ahmadinejad Predicts Upheval Spread to Europe and N. America

February 23, 2011


Iranian leader/oppressor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has predicted that the Upheval in the Middle East Will Spread to Europe and North America.  He should read On My  Watch. SamHenry has been predicting this in a couple of recent posts.  Caution: you don’t need to get a graduate degree in geography with a minor in migration to see […]

CNN’s Advertising for Soledad O’Brien’s Latino in America Show Was Unprofessional

September 19, 2010


It seems as if CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien is in charge of reporting on minority America.  Her reporting is excellent and informative.  But this time around the advertising for her show on Hispanic Americans was a real turn off.  Part of the dialogue:  “Forget keeping up with the Joneses; You’d better keep up with the […]

Al Jazeera Article Incites Opposition to US in the So-Called “Militarization” of Border with Mexico

September 18, 2010

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I have often quoted al Jazeera in this space.  Their reporting is, for the most part, well-researched and fairly straight on.  But I reprint here a recent article that had my blood at the boil.  It is the most slanted propaganda I have seen on that site in a while and not well-researched. They have […]

Immigration Reform: When Does Protecting a Culture Become Racist and Inhumane?

September 7, 2010


In Germany the shadows of the Nazis still linger.  It was driven home painfully with the recent publication of a book decrying current immigration policy by a board member of Germany’s Central Bank, Thilo Sarrazin : In Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (roughly translating as “Germany Is Doing Away With Itself”), published in August, Sarrazin argues […]

Can Islam and the West Coexist ? – List of Articles

September 6, 2010


As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, we have had almost a decade of reaction and overreaction on the part of both Christians, Jews and Muslims. No matter our views or our stand, all people of intelligence seek further information on why they feel the way they do about something.  Here are the search terms […]

Drug Cartels Force Illegals into Prostitution, Criminal Activity in US;

August 26, 2010


If the US and Mexico don’t work more effectively in both countries to stem the tide of organized crime, there will be as many dead on this side of the border as in Mexico.  Just this week, 72 dead South and Central Americans were discovered on a ranch 90 miles from our border. [Wall Street […]

SamHenry on the Second American Revolution – or Have I Missed It?

August 4, 2010


When Jack Cafferty asked his audience today if  there will be a second American Revolution a certain number might have said yes; others no and still others might have quietly gone to the bank to take out all their savings, filled the car tank with gas, raided the grocery store and got home to clean […]

Immigration: Obama Guilty of Bad “Project” Management

July 31, 2010


Here is the most frequent argument made against those (primarily Republicans) who insist a resolution to border security come before tackling the complex and emotional issue of amnesty and how it will be implemented. …[C]alling for tighter borders is a tried-and-true tactic of politicians unwilling to confront the realities of a growing illegal population. Sean […]

Newt Takes Brave Stand Against Muslim Dictatorial Demands

July 21, 2010


Few will speak out as forcefully as Newt Gingrich has done [HT]. At Newt Gingrich .Org, he has made a line in the Saudi sand:  No mosque at ground zero until churches and synagogues are allowed in Saudi Arabia.  Why take on the Saudis? Their kingdom is home to Islam’s holiest site: Mecca. It […]

Should There Be Muslim Civil Rights in the US?

July 15, 2010


CAIR is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). It considers itself a civil rights organization.  In this 2009 video, CAIR  National Executive Director, Nihad Awad,  propose specific civil rights that should be accorded to Muslims; they outline actions they would like to see the Obama Administration take.  The make annual reports on the state of […]

Has President Obama Helped Inspire Black Hatred in YouTube Videos?

July 11, 2010


On a recent visit to,  I watched a video posted by a commentator that featured a couple of black men yelling at a young Jewish man and berating him with hateful, hurtful remarks that the Holocaust was a lie, etc.  They made  him cry. I then began to investigate other videos like this.  Here […]

Obama at American U: Immigration Reform Battle Begins Under Cover of Vacations, Oil Spill and High Unemployment

July 1, 2010

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The President delivered the opening salvos in the immigration reform battle this morning in a lengthy address at American University, Washington, DC.  Pastor Bill Hybels,  from Chicago who according to President Obama had given up a vacation to be present to introduce him, put the Biblical imprimatur on the move to handle immigration reform: the […]


June 22, 2010


It’s entirely possible that the Obama dictatorship continues.  DC has been rife with rumors that the President will simply bypass Congress and grant amnesty to all illegals currently in this country and, without secure borders, any who can get here before the order goes into effect. An alert from Numbers USA carried the following this […]