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New Brain Study of Elders Supports What Many Socialzed Medicine Followers Will Want to Hear

January 6, 2012


A segment of the Mark Levin Show in November attempted to paint a scary picture of an Obama administration policy that would be forthcoming.  It would be along the lines of what Sarah Palin called “Death Panels”  – that is, every patient over 70 would be provided care at a level of just making them […]

How Many Democrats Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb To Illuminate Obamacare Costs?

February 22, 2011


How many Democrats does it take to change a lightbulb to illuminate the cost of Obamacare?  At least one together with the head of the agency that will be most affected by the legislation, the Department of Health and Human Services until such time as the new governing structure can be fully implemented. A recent […]

Sherrod’s Full Tape Shows Her Unrepentent Hate of Rich White Republicans

July 30, 2010


From the President to the press, months of broadly categorizing the GOP as racist and in linking it to the Tea Party, may have finally paid off.  After Andrew Breitbart at Big Government, a noted Conservative blogger, published a post citing Shirley Sherrod of the Department of Agriculture as racist based on a portion of […]


June 26, 2010


Throughout the health care debate last year, it seemed only the positive aspects of government-run health programs surfaced from Britain and Canada.  But as Britain’s National Health Service (NHS)  automates its patient records, it seems roughly 800 patient records have been lost on a daily basis.  Massive government databases have serious down sides.  A prime […]

Americans Tired of Running the Country for Obama

May 26, 2010


We are all due for a vacation – those for and against Obama, it doesn’t matter.  If you are for him, you are exhausted from defending him; if you are against him, you are exhausted from demonstrating, writing signs; and phoning, writing and pleading with your representatives in Congress to consider a no vote on […]

Obama – Corporate Stooge Cake with Socialist Frosting.

May 19, 2010

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Obama, king of corporate bailouts.  He is not the king of Wall Street regulation of significance to-date.  At the very least he has not moved with  due diligence to kill the goose that laid bad eggs as well as golden.  Congress is still working on it. His big push seemed to be universal health care […]

Who Do we Trust Now? True Cost of Government Health Care Suppressed in Two Administrations

April 23, 2010


Back in 2003, the Washington Post reported: Richard S. Foster, Medicare’s chief actuary for nearly a decade, said administration officials threatened to fire him if he disclosed his belief in 2003 that the drug package would cost $500 billion to $600 billion. Lawmakers in both parties accused the administration of concealing important information that could […]

Organizing for Armageddon – Official Accusations and Lies and No one to Stop Them

March 25, 2010


Often, especially in a crisis,  it isn’t a question of getting it right, it’s a question of getting it done.  The congressional health care drama that has played out since early last year has taken its toll.  The law passed but the nation is at risk. The formation of the Tea Party Movement, the tumultuous […]

Israel and Republicans Share in Some Bad Press

March 25, 2010


Israel’s plans to add even more housing units to East Jerusalem caused an uproar with the US at a time inconvenient for all parties to say the least.  Events and the press rolled so fast that many important facts got swept away in the dust storm. Israel had never promised not to build in East […]

You have to Laugh at Obama’s Delimma: So Many Wishes – So Little Time

March 21, 2010


While Nancy Pelosi is busy looking to pushing through further legislation, Obama is meeting with the members of Make a Wish Foundation to see how they do so much for so many without breaking their promises.  But the group left the meeting overwhelmed by the President’s inability to prioritize and/or to control wishes.  Having passed […]

Obama’s Triple Header: Health Care, Education Finance and Immigration Reform

March 19, 2010


Timing is everything. For weeks now we have all marveled at how calculated the roll outs have been for legislation in relation to events and/or other issues related to same.  The Obama “Organization” (it is beyond Administration) has an ability to calculate and control far beyond its Organizing for America database and  its wizards and […]

Legalizing Illegals – Like Giving a Burglar a Key to the House

March 19, 2010


And now on to the Obama – Congressional Immigration show starring two Senators – Democrat from New York, Charles Shummer and Republican from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham.  They are working on a Senate bill that has advanced far enough for Obama to pass initial review. Our plan has four pillars: requiring biometric Social Security cards […]

Cost of War on Drugs in Lives and in Health Care

March 15, 2010

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These appalling figures were buried at the end of an article on the recent killings of Americans in Mexico: The government has not released official figures, but national media say 7,600 Mexicans lost their lives in the war on drugs in 2009. Calderon said last year that 6,500 Mexicans died in drug violence in 2008. […]

Pelosi Hostage of White House Spincare? Obama Hostage of Pelosi Fumbling

March 14, 2010


The White House has put all of its top spin doctors on 24/7 duty. They are spinning the tale that a week from today Affordable Health Care for Americans will be the “law of the land.”  But at what cost?  It’s a little embarrassing that the President can’t leave the country because his people just […]

Israel Again Proves a Difficult “Ally. “Why Now? Is Iran the Reason?

March 13, 2010


Israel has yet to accept the Obama Administrations’ warning on new settlements in occupied Arab lands from any administration representative from the Secretary of State to the Vice President . As Biden arrived to shore up the possibility of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the Israeli government announced  the construction of 1,600 homes in a settlement block […]