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Is the US Able to Catch Up With The Cyber Threat from China and Russia?

February 1, 2013

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In his introductory remarks at his confirmation hearings,former  Senator Chuck  Hagel emphasized the growing import of Cyber warfare.  The”Stuxnet Worm” temporarily shut down Iran’s forced the temporary shutdown of thousands of centrifuges at a nuclear facility there in 2010.  Iran accused Israel and the United states of complicity in this and has since targeted US […]

My Facebook Letter to Homeland Security

February 11, 2012


Posted on my Facebook Account:   To the Department of Homeland Security. Welcome to Facebook. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I think you should take that part of your name that is “homeland” out of your title because you have made us feel as if this is no longer OUR home. I hope […]

Database Security and the Federal Government – Impossible Dream?

December 1, 2010


Until all computers and servers used throughout the departments of the Federal Government have been updated and databases standardized together with global use of practices and procedures for data entry and extraction, the stakes will be high that operations such as WikiLeaks will continue to have materials stolen from our federal databases available to them. […]

Twitter Jitters – the Limits of Freedom of Speech on the Internet

November 6, 2010


Never had much use for Twitter.  Who the heck cares what a guy in India is doing at this very moment.  Tweeting has been raised to an art form by people like Sarah Palin who have been very effective in reaching out to people curious about who and what she is and to her loyal […]

Now Facebook and Skype are Linked – We Need to Stop Facebook

October 15, 2010


The following headline from Britain’s Telegraph made breakfast non-existent this morning: Skype and Facebook announce video calls deal Skype users will now be able to sync their Facebook profile with their Skype account, providing one click video calling to friends on the social networking site. By Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor Published: 2:00PM BST 14 […]

Cyber-Criminals Drain $3 Million from US Bank Accounts Using Trojan Malware

October 1, 2010


It is a sad fact that the economies and the convenience that computerized banking has brought to us has opened up a Pandora’s box.  The expensive war being waged against cyber-crime and attack by foreign governments is endless.  This week, law officials got lucky. NEW YORK ( — An international cybercrime ring was broken up […]

Government Control of GPS May Mean Slimmer Americans

August 26, 2010


With each new iteration of Facebook, most of  us who value privacy recoil into yet another way they have devised to track you either by your own admission to where you are (the new GPS capability) or through your connectivity to your so-called “friends” on the site. Now comes the news that in some states  […]

Carrier-Killing Missle Being Developed in China. One Landed in My Back Seat

August 5, 2010


Experts have known for about a decade that the Chinese have been developoing a remarkable weapon that could change the balance of power  in the Pacific region. Called the Dong Feng 21D, it is an “unprecedented carrier-killing missile that can hit moving targets.” Launched from land, it will have accuracy that will allow it to […]

Internet Kill Switch: OK, What If The Bill Passes Giving Obamma This Internet Idiocy?

June 16, 2010


The UK,  New Zealand and Australia have ALREADY passed  a law [PrisonPlanet] similar to the bill now in the Senate, the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, or PCNAA.  Don’t these leaders realize some fool messing with the internet can interrupt the World Cup? It is a good thing that this has happened during […]