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August 31, 2013


President Obama may be shrinking in the hearts and minds of his people, but he has always been at his most powerful and persuasive when he has seemed the odd man out. He reaches the height of his oratorical abilities. Witness our lesson for yesterday: “We don’t want the world to be paralyzed,” Obama said […]

Their Power Eroding, Will White People Now Face Prejudice and Payback?

January 14, 2013

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The US Congress is more mixed in the ethnic and racial background of its members than ever before.  In England, the most popular name for a baby is Mohammed.  Times are changing and more rapidly than could ever be imagined.  We have to ask:  As white people decline in numbers and power, will regard for […]

Opening Ceremony of Olympics in London – Hyped in Press but Not Loved By All

July 28, 2012


Foreign and Brit press all seem to have glowing reports of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Was I wearing the wrong glasses? I found it boring and not that good – a messy jumble of images and sounds. The culture of Britain will not be killed by immigrants. It has been dispatched by the […]

Death and Disposition – You Say Your Mother’s Ashes Are Where?

June 16, 2012


A decade or more ago funerals and burials in my family became “trendy.”  A cousin whose mother had died, kept her ashes in his front hall closet. One day I went to him and said “I wish you would find a resting place for your mother.  People will begin to ask why I address the […]

Sarkozy Years Ahead in Addressing Radical Muslims and Protection of French Culture

March 27, 2012


The reality is that Europe has been over-run – really invaded by Muslims.  They refuse to integrate into the society in place not just through dress but through isolating their communities, disdain of Western culture and, in many cases, preaching the overthrow of western governments and the destruction of western culture within  the boundaries of […]

Virginia Military Academy Welcomes the Muslim Brotherhood

March 22, 2011


  [At] Chancellorsville, after all plans had been made, all orders given, he looked out at his troops and said, “The Virginia Military Insitute will be heard from today.  “Stonewall” Jackson. Improbable as this may seem, recently the Muslim Brotherhood was active in a program at VMA (Virginia Military Institute): ___________________________________________ Muslim Brotherhood’s Weeklong Celebration […]

DOE Awards Arabic Language FLAP Grant to Texas School That May Send It Back

February 8, 2011


In 2010, the Department of Education distributed more grant monies under its Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) that at any other time.  One of the recipients was a Texas school district that had applied for funding of an Arabic language and culture program. The Department of Education has identified Arabic as a ‘language of the […]

Yves St. Laurent in Morocco – Iconic Outcome for Collision of Cultures

December 5, 2010


BBC is reporting that one of three homes in Morocco owned by the late fashion designer, Yves St. Laurent  is now a museum. St. Laurent who introduced the trench coat and pants suit for women and who was the first designer to introduce a less expensive ready to wear  label, absorbed Moroccan culture and it […]

Is It PC to Say “Happy Thanksgiving”?

November 25, 2010


Political correctness doesn’t take a day off.  We probably ought to be terribly careful and say “Happy Holiday” in case someone is celebrating something else somewhere in the world today.  With globalization, we can’t just stop the PC at our borders. And this isn’t the holiday my Jewish friends eat at Chinese restaurants. How did […]

The Dalai Lama May Retire; The Pope Mentions It – How Our Institutions are Changing

November 22, 2010


There is no truer phrase these days than “it’s a small world.”  Cultures globally are bumping into one another, trying to either resist change or to influence one another either of which often has led to all out conflict.  In the wake of all of these encounters, our institutions are changing.  Like it or not, […]

SamHenry’s Family Had a “Royal” Enough Wedding Thanks to the American Dream

November 19, 2010


Kate Middleton may have some Brits down because she is not from stock with coats of arms and titles.  Her’s is more the American story.  SamHenry likes to say whenever someone on this side of the pond waxes arrogant: “None among us came here as deposed royalty.”  However, it doesn’t mean that some did not […]

Angle Campaigns on Fear and Inaccurate Info: Two American Cities “Under” Sharia

October 10, 2010


Maybe, perhaps and it ain’t necessarily so that two American cities are “under” Sharia (Muslim Law).  SamHenry is for the dominance of the Constitution and truth in candidate assertions and in journalism.  Taking on the comments of Nevada Senatorial Candidate Angle to a recent Tea Party gathering is complex.  Let’s see what she said: “We’re […]

Not Banning the Burqa in France Would Not Stop Terror Attacks

October 2, 2010


The U.S. is expected to issue a travel alert for Europe in light of recent terror threat information, U.S. officials said Saturday. Possible backlash from the French burqa ban is considered a factor. [CNN] In the war against terror, it doesn’t take any action on the part of any of the western nation these days […]

CNN’s Advertising for Soledad O’Brien’s Latino in America Show Was Unprofessional

September 19, 2010


It seems as if CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien is in charge of reporting on minority America.  Her reporting is excellent and informative.  But this time around the advertising for her show on Hispanic Americans was a real turn off.  Part of the dialogue:  “Forget keeping up with the Joneses; You’d better keep up with the […]

Al Jazeera Article Incites Opposition to US in the So-Called “Militarization” of Border with Mexico

September 18, 2010

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I have often quoted al Jazeera in this space.  Their reporting is, for the most part, well-researched and fairly straight on.  But I reprint here a recent article that had my blood at the boil.  It is the most slanted propaganda I have seen on that site in a while and not well-researched. They have […]