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Mission to China to Retrieve Grace – The Latest Addition to Our Family Touring Nanjing

October 30, 2011


In Nanjing, my brother’s family met up with “Michael,” a Chinese exchange student who had spent the lastyear with them. Anna just loved him as you can see from this reunion photo left. Below, they have had Chinese meals and enjoyed local delicacies such as the green bean-looking dish in the middle of the table.  […]

Mission to China: To Pick up “Grace”

October 30, 2011


SamHenry’s brother and her sister-in-law and two of their 4 children are now in China.  Their mission:  pick up and welcome “Grace” into our family.  She is an older child and has a mild case of Cerebral Palsy. When Grace was found, she was about 2 years old and had been abandoned at the side […]

Trickle of US Businesses Returning Home from China

October 28, 2011

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For a multitude of reasons, some  manufacture outsourced to China is returning to the US. It is not enough to end unemployment problems here but it does mean there are a few more choices in the market place and a boost to our flattened national ego. In a furniture store where I worked after retirement, […]

Woman Dies in China After Gov. Forces Later-Term Abortion

October 26, 2011


An article in the Guardian has raised the specter of Chinese government enforcement of laws relating to the regulation of family size. For one family, daring to go beyond the 1 child rule and have 3 was taking a chance.  The following article tells the unbelievable tale of this young family.  The world is operating […]

You Know It’s A BAAAAD Economy When The Chinese Stop Buying At Auction

October 7, 2011

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Has the bubble burst?  Honk Kong is the third largest art market after London and New York and recent results at Southebys ‘ there suggest that things are cooling off after several heated years of astounding increases in record prices paid for typical Chinese items such as Asian Antiquities and fine wines. The sales in […]

China Investors Taking Over Europe – Taking Advantage of Economic Turmoil

August 5, 2011

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The Muslim militants in Europe talk a good game and pull off terrible, costly attacks but the Chinese “invasion” may, in the end, be more debilitating. Consider that the Chinese are investing in the most troubled, peripheral countries Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal.  40% of Chinese investment in Europe is in these countries: Why pay […]

Us a Chinese Colony?

June 25, 2011


China has become the newest colonial power and in a global spread unequaled by previous colonial powers.  Articles  have been written about their colonization of Africa that has been on-going for decades. Currently they are making inroads into South America albeit Brazil and some other countries in which the Chinese have built a great deal […]

The Chinese Have Won in Afghanistan and Pakistan and have Conquered Africa

June 23, 2011


With thieves steeling copper wire from telecom companies, utility wiring and etc. here to meet the Chinese demand [TGDaily], China inked the largest deal for copper with the Afghanis in return for money and infrastructure to extract it.  They have reaped the greatest benefit from the Afghan war. But the most chilling victory has been […]

Puppet Master China Beats US to Agreements with Pakistan for Economic and Political Solidarity.

May 18, 2011


We have often heard that the US gives an enormous amount of foreign aid to Pakistan and China nothing.  But that has changed. Read what China now offers Pakistan according to al Jazeera.  The same “deal” it has offered countries in its sphere of influence from Arfica to South America to the Asia Pacific: [The […]

China, US Struggle to Control Internet Within Their Borders Continues

May 5, 2011

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Here is an update summary of an article from the Wall Street Journal on activities within China to curb the internet. BY LORETTA CHAO BEIJING—An official from China’s new Internet regulator defended the nation’s Internet controls from critics, saying they are in line with efforts elsewhere to protect privacy and block obscenity, gambling and other […]

Brazil President Talks Tough Against The US Led Bombing of Libya

April 3, 2011


No one pays attention to history anymore – largely because it is not taught or taught well in schools.  Case in point:  The press had the American people convinced that the new President of Brazil (most US students won’t know where it is) would be more of a centrist than her predecessor, Lula, and that […]

Chinese War Ship Waited Off Shore While 36,000 Chinese Nationals Were Evacuated from Libya

March 14, 2011


The upheaval in Libya brought the surprise of 36,000 of their people working there in construction and in the oil fields.  But in this global spread, there are risks for China and its much heralded role of leader of the third world: Thirsty for oil and other raw materials needed to fuel its breakneck development, […]

China Continues World-Wide Minerals Grab

March 12, 2011

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While the world has gone about its business, in recent decades China has been considering areas in the world to satisfy its desire to corner the market on minerals that are referred to as “rare earth.”  To this end, they have been into exploration of Africa, Madagascar, North Korea, Tibet and elsewhere. Tibet has been […]

Obama Administration Silent in 2010 When 11,000 Chinese Troops Arrived in Northern Pakistan

March 8, 2011


  Not even Hillary Clinton raised her voice to question the Chinese in sending 11,000 plus troops into a disputed region of Kashmir under Pakistan control.  Not a single question asked.  So why are they there? An August 2010 article in India’s Indian Express gives the Indian view of why Chinese troops quietly entered what […]

Chinese Troops in Pakistan – Defensive or Offensive Move for Pakistan?

March 6, 2011


The latest news from the site, Pakistankakhudahafiz is that Chinese troops are in northern Pakistan and many in the region see it as portending a war between China and the US.   Clearly China has made significant arms sales to Pakistan.  But would it be willing to directly intercede in the region?  It aims to […]