Posted on March 31, 2013

It seems foreign press is taking Korea’s declaration of war more seriously than the US Fourth Estate:

Yet when Kim Jong-un’s government declared early on Saturday that the “time has come to stage a do-or-die final battle”, and declared relations with South Korea to be “at the state of war”, the warnings were not being taken lightly in the world’s major capitals.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/northkorea/9963107/North-Korea-US-fears-comical-Kim-may-be-all-too-deadly-serious.html

Imagine this:  The US pinned down fighting on the Korean peninsula while Iran upped the ante in the explosive Middle East?  Meanwhile China would lurk behind both awaiting the US demise at the hand of their allies not perhaps militarily but certainly financially as the cost of government would rise, the stock market would take a dive and people would once again hide their cash and the silverware in the front yard Stateside.

In reality, the 1950s was the greatest period the US has ever known in terms of peace and relative prosperity.  True enough not all social groups shared in it fully but more so in many ways than today.  The vote means little if you cannot eat.

Strange that an air of cooperation has broken out over Washington’s partisans.  Those closest to power know the reality.  The threats of North Korea have already taken their toll.


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