Lance Armstrong Has Sullied The Integrity of the US Itself

Posted on January 18, 2013

We must never forget that Lance Armstrong represented the United States in two major arenas:  the Olympics and the Tour de France.  But he forgot that.  He was out for personal gain and glory.  Aside from music, sports is one of the biggest human exercises that unites the globe.

Perhaps character building and education in what is expected of US citizens should be the order of the day in training for international events.  Immigrants have to pass tests involving more than a pledge.  They must know our history, etc.  Athletes representing their countries could stand to have a similar induction into the honor of representing their nations.

Since this country became an international power following WWII, integrity has been what the world has come to expect of us.  Our representatives MUST enhance this major national character component or be disqualified.  He cannot retain the medals or the titles.  He needs to be left with only what is left of Lance Armstrong.  Perhaps he will more clearly see both the country he represented and his own soul one day.

Meanwhile, his organization that fights cancer, Livestrong, deserves to thrive.  Born perhaps of his desire to render monumental his successful competition with cancer for the winners circle, it no longer belongs to him literally or figuratively.  He has resigned from his position there.  But Livestrong is its subscribers and all that they do and represent.  New organizations have tapped the hearts and souls of the families and patients who battle this formidable foe.  The battle is never just personal; it requires a coming together of people for support.  Lance Armstrong would not know much about that.

Donate to Livestrong now to vote for their continued good work.  I will.  Livestrong saved the life of one of my brothers.  As they say in the ranks there:  he kicked cancer’s butt.