The Second Amendment is Here to Stay; So are Guns

Posted on January 16, 2013

There should not be a Congressman living who would allow a presidential order to circumvent the second amendment.  For those who fear we will be just like pre-war Germany, remember, they did not have a history of democracy and certainly no second amendment.

Most people are against citizens retaining the mutant military machine guns.  Few would want to go to the next level.  Their use should be the privilege of the military – issued to those trained in their use and well aware of their potential and purpose.  Leave the military, and you lose your privilege to carry such a weapon.  To argue you love to use it for target practice or hunting is to present a weak argument for civilian retention of these weapons.  Either you have a limited view of what is fun or you can’t hit a deer worth beans.

Recently a young Georgia mother protected herself and her children from an intruder by utilizing her hand gun when he discovered her hiding place.  Aside from the fact that she had been trained in its use (albeit that she could have had an accident with it or one of the children could have found it in the house and hurt himself/herself) it is a reasonable thing to retain such guns.

Regardless of their role in our lives, it is the greater part of valor to keep thinking of alternatives to the use of guns for protection.  But that  is a large order.  We need to consider disarming the gangs in our cities; drug dealers and mentally unstable people.  We need to think of devices such as burglar alarms, etc. These are the issues we should be discussing and on which we should focus.  Guns will never go away, just some guns.  But if someday we need those automatic weapons, we can dial up our rebel friends in Syria and ask them where they sourced theirs.