President Promises Executive Action on Gun Control

Posted on January 15, 2013

With fears being ramped up in some quarters about all guns being taken from citizens the way the Nazis seized the guns of their citizenry in 1928, President Obama is, in many minds, shadowing Hitler in promising executive action on gun control.

Many believe that armed Jews would have prevented the holocaust.  But the specter of Syrian rebels pitting their guns against the tanks and air power of Assad militate against this view.  Citizens armed with dirty bombs or biological weapons might be more of a deterrent. But do we even have to go here?

The President is fond of isolating himself and making dialogue difficult in utilizing executive action overly much.  You cannot blame this on the Republicans.  In taking on the legislators, he is setting himself up in opposition to the American people at a time when he needs to garner their trust and support.  Instead, he becomes the bully on the block, a dictator, and a perfect target for cartoonists.  Congressional leaders can gather their colleagues in support of their point of view.  The President can only appeal directly to voters but inasmuch as he is not consistent with his middle of the road stance on issues, he is not fully trustworthy .

We could easily write this about the fiscal issues.  It is the same dynamic.  It is no longer a case of balance of power at work to preserve democracy; it is full cry battle and, to a degree chaos.  The only thing moving:  tempers.