Their Power Eroding, Will White People Now Face Prejudice and Payback?

Posted on January 14, 2013

The US Congress is more mixed in the ethnic and racial background of its members than ever before.  In England, the most popular name for a baby is Mohammed.  Times are changing and more rapidly than could ever be imagined.  We have to ask:  As white people decline in numbers and power, will regard for them change to the extent that they will face the prejudice and negative treatment so many of their number inflicted on minority populations of the past?

Fear of this future may be the ghost (no pun intended) in the machine driving extremism – especially whites on the right.  When your numbers and political powers are in decline, it certainly does ramp up fears that are as old as time.  It is very difficult to see much hope of reconciliation between non-whites and whites with basic human instinct to protect one’s individual and/or “tribal” identity underlying all of it.

It is what we do not understand about ourselves complicated by what we do not understand about others that impedes progress.  I can never “feel” as a black woman feels about many things.  Similarly, non-whites have the same built-in limitation.  With this kind of limitation, prejudice seems almost a painless stance and payback justified.  The latter is “codified” in the Bible “an eye for an eye.”  But while prejudice and retribution are in our nature, in a free society, it is unlawful to express this or to act upon it.  That is what makes us civilized.  We try to keep our animal instincts in check.

Perhaps we should begin dialogue by listing or at least acknowledging the limitations we face so that we may attempt to understand the dynamic underlying our failure at dialogue.  Can we forgive ourselves?  Can we forgive others?  Can we really hope to fully understand ourselves; can we really hope to fully understand others?  The future of all minority races depends on it.

If history and evolution and other elements of human record are correct, then whites will face prejudice and payback to a greater extent than they do already.  It will take leaders such as Colin Powell who will accept political imperfection in the GOP enough to “come out” as a member of the party yet who sees the good in members of the opposition to lead the way in the public forum.  He represents many in the US who are members of one party but who vote for members of another.  SamHenry is guilty of this on all levels – national and local.  In this country, I have that freedom.



The Natue of Consciousness by Piero Scaruffi.