Romney Takes Republicans Where None Have Gone Before – Off the Map

Posted on July 12, 2012

Republican politics in this country have undergone a paradigm shift and anyone who is not a member of the extreme right is now looking mighty irrelevant.  Such is Mitt Romney’s fate.  Even Sarah and  is blundering his way through the campaign.  In the process he has rendered himself laughable and out of touch with the people.  This is not the fix you want on your compass.

Forget that the far right hijacked the Tea Party and from there pretty much took over what was left of the Republican party.  The many of the average, thoughtful citizens who had always populated the GOP have left the party too late – too late that is to have done any good for the country in joining with some independents to forge a new party to preserve the best of their political heritage – you know the one that goes all the way back to Abraham Lincoln.  But Obama co-opted Lincoln when he announced his run for the presidency.  It was all speeches rich in rhetoric and Lincoln quotes and beginning the campaign from Illinois.

Romney has been booed and bashed and proved to speak out of both sides of his mouth with the best of them on both sides of the aisle.  Obama still has the benefit of incumbency and the bully pulpit.  He travels daily with all of the presidential trappings.  The Romney road show is backed up by Republicans who tried to hang Obama Care around the Chief Executive’s neck like an Albatross.  But hold, the Supreme Court stepped in and saved the day with the tie-breaking vote of a Republican who knows a paradigm shift when he sees one. After the fact as Republicans voted down the law, it met not with approval but with justifiable jeers of having been a needless exercise when time would have been better spent working cooperatively on problems.

So we enter the final months with Romney and the Republicans looking like the gang who couldn’t shoot straight.  It isn’t a party; it’s a train wreck.