First Sex In the City; Now Sex Over It

Posted on October 14, 2011

Nothing is sacred anymore.  Congressmen send pictures of their equipment to casual acquaintances on the internet; Men marry teenagers with the permission of their parents; and men with several wives admonish their children no sex before marriage.  This is the state of a lot of sex and sexual relations in 2011.

There has always been the mile high club – people who had sex in the rest rooms on aircraft.  NOW?  Now the aircraft is just the starting point.  The climax takes place in the air on the way to the ground with a parachute if you remember to pull the chord.  Is the viral video of this recent event going to usher in a sky full of sex show stoppers?

Kids will be outdoors in all weathers looking skyward if it’s true.  There will be a sudden interest in astronomy and telescopes.  To head this off, this discipline will be shut down.  We will be the only country forbidden to look to the heavens.  We think these sex capers up but then ring down the curtain on them.  Is that the creativity that results from repressed protestant ethics and Catholic guilt?  Who knows.  All we do know is the skies are now more than friendly.  And back down on earth?  Humans not only photograph other humans having sex, they invade the animal kingdom with their cameras.


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