Cat in Control

Posted on October 14, 2011

"Bruce" a neighbor's cat sitting in MY chair on MY porch!

How can you tell that a cat is in control of  my yard and front porch?  It is not my cat.  It is sitting in MY chair on MY front porch!

Bruce was named before it was discovered he was a she.  But the young children in his family have learned just how funny it is that they have a female cat named Bruce and have therefore named their new golden Labrador Retriever “Marvin.”  Marvin is of course a female.

Bruce is very good friends with Guinness the Newfoundland next door and Imp’s boyfriend but she has tantalized Imp all of these years and Sam while he was alive.  She would stick a paw under the garden gate and motion to them with it as  if it were a hand.

Today Imp begged to go out to get her treat from the post lady.  She HAD to deal with Bruce on the front porch and passed with flying colors.  I got nervous with Imp going nose to nose with Bruce because the cat can do more damage to Imp’s eyes than Imp can do to her.  But it was over before it began and we go on.

Treat hour on the street for the dogs is over.  Due to cold weather, the evening  hours are not restricted by the toad who sits on the back porch catching bugs.  This is how it is in a small, rural town.  Animals and amphibians rule.


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