The Rhetoric of Class Warfare

Posted on September 19, 2011

So you say you represent ALL of the people?  And wait, you want to bring  us all together?  According to you rhetoric when discussing taxes, you do not represent all of the people.  Your rhetoric singles the wealth, sorry they are the “rich” out to be despised for their holdings.  Further, it appears  you seek to drive a wedge between them and the rest of America so that you will have support in taxing them from all of the blue-collar workers.

Notice SamHenry referred to blue-collar workers.  There was no “minorities” or unions or other special groups mentioned.  Just a large group.  Barack Obama could stand to do the same thing.  He could say that he wants to raise taxes on all people whose income is above such and such a level; he could propose a flat tax or he could present his views in a variety of ways that suggest he will be tackling a large group whom he respects.

In continuing to us banter from the left, he has spawned this from the Village Voice:

Rightbloggers Defend Rich Bastards from Obama’s Tax Plan

The wealthy should be taxed but name calling detracts from a reasoned argument.  All that has to be said is we need either a flat tax or a graduated one in which income levels (income from all sources) will be taxed.  No loopholes.  To remain in power and to bring us all together as promised when I voted for him, Obama has to strike the middle ground. We all have to bend.  The unbending right will have to as well.  It will become apparent to all that unless we all work together, this ship really will sink aided by more acrimony and civil strife.  There is no other reasoned way out except for compromise.  Speaking of history, we need to remember the Constitutional Conventions and how turbulent they were.  It ‘s not easy taking care of a republic.

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