Puppet Master China Beats US to Agreements with Pakistan for Economic and Political Solidarity.

Posted on May 18, 2011

We have often heard that the US gives an enormous amount of foreign aid to Pakistan and China nothing.  But that has changed.

Read what China now offers Pakistan according to al Jazeera.  The same “deal” it has offered countries in its sphere of influence from Arfica to South America to the Asia Pacific:

[The Chinese Premiere has said]… China will kick start new commercial cooperation with Pakistan and offered to set up a “new cooperative system” emphasising Chinese contribution to help Pakistan in the fields of energy, infrastructure and agriculture.

It will give China exactly what it needs:  Energy, food in exchange for Chinese workers inundating Pakistan to provide infrastructure to make it possible to export it all to China and to pave the way for more Chinese goods to enter Pakistan.  Pakistan is already a rich source of money from armament sales.

Funny thing.  The US announce today that Pakistan did not know Bin Laden was in Pakistan.  Gates no less made the announcement.  [CNN]

Time to list the many global political battles Obama has lost for the US and nations now aligned to the quiet puppet master, China.