SamHenry’s Tale of the Roo and I or Is It the Ruin of Me?

Posted on May 14, 2011

"Roo" of Blackwatertown Blog

It all began with mistaken identity… [the tale-teller’s voice fades and the story comes into focus.]

I had enjoyed this Blackwatertown blog and the mind and writing style that drove it. I was also taken by the small avatar of what appeared to be someone sporting a kangaroo head.  I love kangaroos and camels and so I had thought that animal head was a roo.

As if we had known one another all our lives I began to call “him” Roo.  This went on for some time through our silly exchanges of a shared humor and take on the world until one day, reality reared its true head.  The blogger confessed it was in point of fact a horse head.  Ouch!  What a mistake.  Embarrassment of  eyesight deficiency.  SamHenry talks to horses as a former rider and child who had wanted to be one but the Roo was gone out of the repartee.

But my imaginative and sympatico blogger friend made it right.  He proffered a solution.  I would continue to call him “Roo” and it would be code for here I am, your friend, SamHenry.  I COULD have kissed him.  The playfulness continued.

Like Katy Perry and Elmo in a skit on Sesame Street he features on his blog this day, he doesn’t always stay to play – he runs away – to North Africa, to Germany – to a million places – it’s just part of him to wander.  He really has to pack  up that mind of his and range over fresh territory.  He’s a writer of fiction, and SamHeny is not, but he is also a writer of the “truth” that has the inventiveness of fiction.  In self-congratulatory fashion, SamHenry would like to think she joins him there.

Follow the further adventures of Dog and Roo on either blog.

Here’s looking at you, Roo – if you were a camel about to lay lips on a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas show!

Drat it – the camel gets the last laugh:

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