Sarah Ferguson’s Former Toe-Sucking Financial Advisor Speaks…Briefly

Posted on June 18, 2010

How could this have been overlooked?  June 2, 2010, shortly after Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York was caught exchanging access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew (British Trade Envoy) for cash with an undercover reporter, another “ex” from her life was uncovering his views of her.

John Bryan, her former financial adviser who had been caught sucking Sarah’s toes as she sun bathed sans top prior to her divorce from Andrew is now, 18 years later, adding to her pain by publicly coping an “I told you so” attitude.   He has told his pals that Sarah should have followed his advice and that he is not surprised to hear Fergie had been trying to sell access to her former husband.  “She always wanted a first class lifestyle on an economy….” he is reported to have said. [Wickio]

Well isn’t he the gallant gentleman.  Having said all of the above, he is not worthy enough to so much as wash her feet now.  And if Sarah’s two daughters aged 2 and 4 at the time were witness to the amorous actions of both parties, then he should not want to open his lips 18 years later to upset Eugenie and Beatrice as well.  What IS it about the ex-boyfriends of  the Royals?  What IS it about the south of  France?  John, trust me, one toe sucking adventure is not worth a newspaper quote never mind a  tell-all book.

You are just as negligent as she – perhaps more so – since Sarah Ferguson was counting on your good advice and counsel.