Of Writers and the Clever Webs They Weave Just to Say “Buy The Damn Book”

Posted on June 18, 2010

Oh, my have I had fun. I had the good fortune to have had a pleasant comment on one of my posts. Before I accept comments, I investigate the websites from whence they come.  Well, the commentator’s site, blackwatertown.wordpress.com looked not only reasonable but intriguing.  Anything to do with writing usually sucks me in and this was a site purportedly managed by a young Irish writer trying to get a book published via the hook that went something like: “wouldn’t we help him by commenting on his opening lines.”

Help?  I edited the damn thing!  Yes, I am a card-carrying castrating female.  But then, like an overzealous Senator grilling the CEO of BP, I apologized.  There were a couple of comments exchanged on his blog and I subscribed to the site.

Well, by and by things got curiouser and curiouser over there – there were  funny posts and comments crafted by individuals who could only have been brought up on large doses of  British silliness of the Monty Python, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore variety.

Then suddenly a strange and funny “creature” popped up who commented from the depths of his own curious site – one systematicweasel .  And then within 24 hours, BANG, an e-mail saying that the book had been finished or in his words “I finished the damn book.”  Well, I immediately clicked on the link to his post only to find a page that we have all encountered in our cyberlives “what you are looking for is not here.”  Well, when I get cut off, I wax investigative.

I will not get into what links I followed but they all led to the  blog for the latest book by one Cole Moreton, an  author of  more than good repute who also pens the occasional piece and does “almost award-winning” interviews (or have I got that turned around) for the big Brit news outlets. A veritable brilliant maze of interrelated websites and comments and contacts had brought me here.  I laughed until I fell out of my chair.  I never leave my computer chair for anything much so this had to have been an excellent adventure.

All is forgiven and I had a pleasant encounter on the blog for Moreton’s new book, Is God Still an Englishman? This could only have happened on the internet – you know that place all of the governments want to control – HA!

Now, all I have to say is,


AFTERWORD:   And that page that was not there at Blackwatertown- that non-page that started this whole cyber adventure?   Well when that erstwhile Irish writer saw this, he had to let me know he sent out the e-mail the book was finished before he got the web page mentioned in the e-mail up and running.  I’ll just bet he won’t do that again soon. Too bad Angels of the Annunciation type are no longer in business.


Cole Moreton