You have to Laugh at Obama’s Delimma: So Many Wishes – So Little Time

Posted on March 21, 2010

While Nancy Pelosi is busy looking to pushing through further legislation, Obama is meeting with the members of Make a Wish Foundation to see how they do so much for so many without breaking their promises.  But the group left the meeting overwhelmed by the President’s inability to prioritize and/or to control wishes.  Having passed landmark (or is that landmine) health care legislation, he has raised the expectation level of most Americans.  Now look at the result:

The government takeover of health care at a time of fiscal retrenchment and a projected doctor shortage of 40,000 primary care physicians by 2020, shows Obama’s desperation to move on with little or no resources to fulfill his delusional dreams.[CNN]   But that’s OK.  He’s sent troops into combat under similar conditions. So listen for the sound of doctors around the nation ditching their white coats in the “Return to White House” hampers and calling out to one another “last one out turn off the dialysis machines.”

With doctors leaving for early retirement, better pay in other fields and for other countries such as India, the doctor’s shortage will be so severe, those who remain will be forced to delay retirement.  It could result in situations like the following:

So on to fulfilling Obama’s next wish …giving easy access to the US and all its bounty to illegals.  No this is not a report from Onion News.  This is the status of immigration reform back in September, 2009 – really. Now it is being worked on in bipartisan fashion so perhaps much of this will disappear – sort of like the public option – into a folder for wish-fulfillment 2011:

Don’t go away.  There is still this to be legislated:

  • Cap and trade – debate time limited to midnight starts and location behind closed doors.
  • Education System Reform – unfinished.  Takeover public schools.
  • Slavery Reparations – same legislative conditions as for Cap and Trade above.
  • Internet powers extended.
  • Affordable iPods for everyone so that we may watch our leader and salute him anywhere at all times.
  • National Service – National what you say?

Are we being regimented?  Well, yes.  And look who is happy to implement a citizen service program:

Well, we have our work cut out for us. Either we fight the emergence of the new world order or we laugh it off. OK, what will it be?  Nancy Pelosi isn’t laughing.  Here’s what she’s up to:

‘My biggest fight has been between those who wanted to do something incremental [about health care] and those who wanted to do something comprehensive. We won that fight, and once we kick through this door, there’ll be more legislation to follow.’ [Fox Business]


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