OBAMA – Listen Up. Israel is not the Gates Affair

Posted on March 16, 2010

Our President has more than a little to learn. He needs some reflex training – perhaps a few weeks in the military? Remember the Gates affair when a prestigious professor at Harvard and friend of our President had difficulty with the Cambridge Police? Well, a transcript of the press conference at which he took up this matter is instructive.[Huffington Post]  Hear me, O Israel, this will let you know he just can’t help himself:

The Press Conference Condensed:

  • Obama knows the long suffering of black men like Professor Gates at the hands of the Law.
  • He is an attorney and he knows that you need to gather the facts before making a decision.
  • Obama’s world is unsettled by the Gates affair in Cambridge. He is outraged. That this could still happen to a black man during his presidency.
  • He takes up the matter at his next news conference. He begins with a disclaimer: He knows not all the facts are in.
  • He acknowledges that Gates is a friend
  • He then takes sides immediately – before all the facts are in. He declares that the Cambridge Police Department had acted “stupidly.” [Huffington Post]
  • This is followed by a stern lecture to the American people about the history of the relationship between the black man and the law.

Now the above could have caused quite a stir in this country. Obama stood out as the President of black men, not of all the people in this knee-jerk reaction.  He never did back down from his opinion – his arrogance would not let him do that – but he did provide a little beer and sympathy to Gates and the arresting officer of the Cambridge Police Department.

Now imagine that your bumbling VP arrives in Israel for a diplomatic mission in a sensitive area of the world. The knowledge of a building permit having been issued for expansion of a project in East Jerusalem comes to light. Joe calls home. Wham. Obama is now telling the Israelis they have acted “stupidly” – right?


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