Hey Independents – How About a Hot Water Party?

Posted on March 12, 2010

The progressive/liberal Coffee Party movement kicks off in coffee houses across the nation this weekend. With the founder having been active in Democratic politics and in the Obama campaign, it is not a grass roots organization. But some of its members are talking about reaching out to independents.

Not so fast! Many independents are registered as just that – Independents. So an Independent “beverage” Party should exist. Maybe it could supply hot water and let others bring their own tea or coffee bag (BYOB)! Now this is a grass roots idea – or rather a gray roots idea from one who has seen a lot of nonsense go down over the decades.

Let us know if you think we need a “Hot Water” independent “beverage” party under the “General Comments” tab on this web page. Meanwhile, lets not be railroaded into something. Don’t feel you have to decide between tea and coffee! Don’t let people make you declare for a party. Your value is in your independent nature and, when applicable, in your Independent registration. The voting booth is where you ultimately express your independence!

And remember, that  Hot Water Party people represent a way of looking at the world- a way of approaching things. It’s not a third party movement IMO.


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