OFA Now Threatening No Voting Congressmen Over Health Care Reform

Posted on March 11, 2010

It’s gone too far. Organizing for America’s Mitch Stewart has just put out a new e-mail to the faithful requesting that people call those representatives and Senators who will or may vote against health care to:

let them know there is a political price to favoring big insurance companies over the American people — OFA supporters in [your state] have pledged [X number of] volunteer hours to fight for candidates who support reform.

The instructions were not worded “remind them” but “let them know.”  This is threatening language. OFA is evoking the look and the feel of a threat.  Regardless, anything of this nature in the public realm should not be taken lightly. And they have said the action they will take will be loss of substantial help at election time.

From lecturing the Supreme Court from the podium during the SOTU, to saying the discussion over health care has ended, the dictatorship of Barack Obama moves forward trampling all in its path. What will become of a nation whose leadership is using divisive and threatening tactics to govern? Note the socialist imagery that accompanied the “marching orders.”


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