Nothing Slick Ever Lasts – That May Mean our Man Rahm

Posted on March 11, 2010

The Econmist came up with an interesting theory this week: Rham Emanuel will still be on board if health care reform passes. If not, the man who throughout 2009 was thought to be indispensable will have become indefensible:

An iron law of politics holds that at times of political unraveling the fixer becomes the scapegoat and the planter of stories turns into the story itself. Fed by leaks galore, the newspapers have lit up with tales of rifts great and small between Mr Emanuel and his colleagues.

Rahm has not been as close to Obama as ” David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett and the rest of the Chicago coterie who campaigned with [him].” His real or perceived strong flavored tactics are tolerated as long as they produce.

That shower story told by Massa as his ship went down may not have been true but like any other myth, it’s potent and the vividness of the telling will long resonate in the memories of men and women of a certain degree of sensitivity.

The Obama Administration generally has lost its luster.  It’s not the cool, slick operation we had thought. A great deal has been lost to the inexperience of “management.” For all of her experience and expertise, under Barack’s guidance,Hillary could not go far with his directives until it was almost too late. Finally he allowed her to toughen her stand on issues. Now Biden, that old Senate war horse,  is in Israel playing tough in that arena.  No more Kumbaya.

Nothing slick ever lasts – go ask Grace….


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