Massa Turns the Legislative Process Into a Story of Crime and Punishment

Posted on March 9, 2010

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  While this is a silly time line of the Massa mess, it is possible that former Rep. Massa’s cancer has returned and that it could be in an area affecting his personality.  Then too, living with a chronic condition may have forced him over the edge. In short, his difficulties functioning appropriately in recent years may have a medical origin.

Regardless, the matter should have gone before the ethics committee quickly.  A delay in doing this could be thought of as criminal since to knowingly allow his vote to continue to count in the legislative process and to allow young aids to be at possible risk would be at the very least another example of unethical behavior.

Is this a cautionary tale or is it just caustic…

  • Rep. Massa  was reported to the House Ethics Committee for alleged harassment of male staff.
  • Rep Massa announced his cancer had returned; he would not run for reelection in 2010.  He would retire.
  • Rep Massa repealed that action within days, made inscrutable confession that he was capable of lewd language and converted his retirement to an immediate resignation.
  • Mr. Massa now says he might not resign- that his resignation had been forced.
  • Mr. Massa suddenly and unavoidably waxed confessional. He said that in his first months of being in the house,President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, had taken leave of his senses, his lunch hour and a towel to confront  him in the Congressional shower room demanding that he vote for the  President’s budget.
  • It fell out that Mr. Emanuel’s use of frontal nudity was as unsettling to Mr. Massa as the message delivered.  (HT Voting Female).
  • Mr. Massa claimed it was his duty to uncover the Obama Administration’s use of naked power.
  • The question now became: why was a member of the White House staff using the Congressional showers?  Did Mr. Emanuel eschew use of a towel because he knew he hadn’t paid for one or was it a calculated part of the message?
  • For whatever reason, Mr. Massa again decided to go forward with his resignation plans.
  • The House Ethics Committee will not take up Mr. Emanuel’s unauthorized use of the House showers or towels.
  • Mr. Massa must return any souvenir towels he may have to the sentinel of the showers.
  • Massa appears on “Larry King Live.”  His career is dead.
  • Voters look forward to further lurid details.  They are not disappointed.
  • Interest in health care reform wanes. Democrats are again free to work their legislative wizardry in the sunlight.
  • Millions of women around the nation try to visualize Rahm naked. Several thousand men as well.
  • Massa hopes that history will record that it was his courage that brought ethics back into the House shower room.

Moral of the story:  Nothing is new under the sun or the Capitol dome.  We can do without these stories.


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