OBAMA in PA – You Cits are in Charge of Health Care. I’m just here to remind you.

Posted on March 8, 2010

Citizens will be in charge of their health care. The government will not be in charge of health care. The insurance companies will not.  .  Thus with the glow and halo of the presidency supporting him, the President opened yet another health care speech – this time in Pennsylvania. OK so health care has been given to the people. Here begins the creep of socialism. But tell this to the controller-in-chief, Dame Pelosi; tell that to the pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

And unlike Obama’s previous talk in favor of the pharmaceutical companies that had been working with him, today they went to the other side of the ledger. They and the insurance companies increase costs. They take this profit greedily. It is profit that should go toward small business to put people back to work.

Cits will retain the ability to choose their health care options but will their employers keep their present level of coverage?  Their insurance coverage may change. The insurance companies will encounter rising costs due to the rate caps that will lower their profits. Guess what, that cost  will be passed on to the company for which you work. The company will then look for less expensive insurance options. Does THAT put you in charge of your health care?  It is a fact: whenever you take something from someone, they will find a way to replace what they have lost – usually at a cost to you.  No one gets something for nothing.

Of course he targeted the rich again. They need to have no more no less than everyone else.  Here is creeping socialism. It is also a subtle promotion of class warfare.  It is part and parcel of his move toward spreading the wealth in future bills and possibly changing the social order.  He is building frustration in the minds of the middle class that the rich are as much a problem as the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Of course medicare was cited as a target for reduction of waste and inefficiencies.  WHERE is the waste?  Do we know where the cuts will be made and the projected savings will be? What if this cannot cover the costs?

He also asked a series of rhetorical questions prefaced by “do you want” followed by his main points. He was telling his audience the bill will give them what they want. Hold on, does anybody get what they really want?  This is the fox in the hen house replay.

If we are asking why he is having such a difficult getting this legislation made into law – if you questioned his ability to make health care reform a reality, he had the following argument. Health care is complicated and hard. It is easily misunderstood and misinterpreted and misrepresented. Finally, something that we can all agree on.  BUT what’s he going to do to change that?

And Obama’s final push: what health care reform is all about . It is about that suffering person who needs care and can’t get it. His final point got back to what may happen to the self-sacrificing politicians such as himself. We politicians are in Washington to solve problems and take on the tough issues. “I don’t know how health care will play politically but I know it is the right thing to do.  Help put us over the finish line.”

What a guy – willing to throw his political career under the bus. Not since the time of that other Messiah has there been such depth and breadth of sacrifice.

I wonder if he ever gets tired of either repeating the same thing endlessly or of trying to put it in other words. Either way, he has put words to work for the wrong purpose. This IS a call to action for the Tea Partiers!


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