The Audacity of Hope: Census will Solve Unemployment Morass – Right?

Posted on March 5, 2010

The Census Bureau among others have come up with something they think  you can believe in:  crew leaders and foot soldiers in the census taking from mid-May through July 2010.  Halt: aren’t these primarily temporary jobs?  They should not be included in the jobs picture, right Census Bureau roboclerks?

Here’s the “official headline” from the Bureau:

Temporary census work, and can fill the void for the unemployed

Here are the wage scales (no benefits) AND BE CAREFUL…

according to your state’s policy, you may not be able to reinstate your unemployment payments when your job with the Census Bureau ends.

Census takers, who will be door to door to help residents fill out a questionnaire. They will pay 11.50 U.S. dollars an hour.

Crew leaders, who manage census. They will pay $ 13 per hour.

Director of field operations, who managers. They will pay $ 14.50 per hour.

And now the requisite government report that will let us calculate the effect of the economy and its unemployed, right?

Looks slick doesn’t it – color seal.  This is  not inexpensive.

Here’s a summary of what’s inside:

So we are ramping up for a few months of hope. Then thousands will again be unemployed – AND the report cannot provide “precise estimates of the effects of the 2010 Census operations…at this time.”

Do you perceive echoes of the Health Care Reform bill of 2010?  It’s like the after shock of a giant earth quake.  Be prepared for the financial tsunami. Oh and in that new bill to promote tourism – not much financial news you can assess or believe in there either.

Stand by. The President is making announcements daily. Stay rested and keep your calculators handy.


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