Tired of a Managed Presidency?

Posted on March 3, 2010

The heralds have trumpeted the  grand opening of the latest independent, heavily edited film from the Obama Administration Studios, “Health Care Beyond the Norm – The Bill Against the Will of the People” starring Barack Obama.

Fresh from his triumph in the wildly popular YouTube hit “It’s My Nose and I’ll Pick if I Want To” with back up by Leslie Gore, his latest offering is coming to a screen near you today. The spotlight is firmly back on the President in this and in other legislative initiatives.

Was the Health Care Summit a waste of time?  Not according to The Economist.  “It made clear that Mr Obama, after months of sitting on the sidelines, now has steel in his spine.” Don’t you know that this is the most important element in this bill? It has been the primary vehicle for Obama’s legacy and the legacy express is back on track.

Before this project had been wrapped up, Mr. Obama and his team went on to do  what they have always done since the campaign – used a distraction to redirect attention away from Mr. Obama’s involvement in a controversial arena. The President has gone on the announce his Education initiative and attendant spending. Oh and don’t forget Cap and Trade. We understand that effort may be renamed. I have a call into the FDA to report him for off-label use of pending legislation since it could cause a change in the body politic like any other drug.

Here’s hoping the country will wake up to the orchestrated Presidency and persona of Barack Obama. Managed countries are just short of dictatorships. But don’t worry, this is a “G” rated drama. Even the kids in school are singing his praises.


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