Second Muslim State Goes Nuclear – ‘Demise’ of ‘Capitalist System’ ?

Posted on February 11, 2010

It had to happen. Pakistan, a moderate Muslim nation, is nuclear. However, It has been split into warring factions that have disrupted national security and have put the nuclear arsenal at risk.

Today, it appears that Iran has inched closer to officially becoming the second Muslim state but first militant Muslim state to go nuclear. But if the weapons upgrade wasn’t sufficiently nuclear, recent official rants about it have been:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Feb. 11 would mark the demise of “the liberal capitalist system,” adding that its champion, America, was on the decline and that Iran and its Islamic Revolution were on the rise.

Ahmadinejad continued the narrative of America’s impending doom in a speech Saturday, Jan. 30, claiming that the Iranian revolution was the final step in God’s plan for the world.

“God created mankind … to reach a point that it could have control over the world of creation and days and nights,” Ahmadinejad said. “It is clear to all of us that the Islamic Revolution today is a giant stride toward the implementation of this great goal. The Islamic Revolution is in the direction, and of the same nature of, the great prophet’s move. It is guided by God.”

Ahmadinejad further said that the West, particularly the United States, had been the “biggest historical impediment” to the Islamic Revolution.

“The arrogant and hegemonic powers, which mankind experienced in the past 300 years – and past 60 years in particular – have been the biggest historical impediment in the face of fulfillment of this goal,” he said, according to the BBC.

Ahmadinejad went on to declare that the “materialistic and hegemonic system” was dead and “slogans” about “freedom,” “human rights,” and “democracy” had misled the world.

“It is clear that the materialistic and hegemonic system has reached the end of the road, both theoretically and practically,” he said. “Forty years ago when someone mentioned the name of America, many would drool. In the minds of many, America had a mythical and invincible power.”

“Slogans of freedom, human rights, democracy, and the right to decide your own fate, were so attractive that [they] misled many,” he continued. “Today, they have no thoughts or means other than the use of arms to prove themselves.”

The fiery Iranian leader predicted the “end” of American “civilization.”

“This means the end of a civilization, the end of a thought, and the end of a system,” said Ahmadinejad.


Last October, The American Thinker warned:

As soon as rogue nations get their nukes we are in completely unknown territory. Nothing in the US-Soviet balance of power over the last sixty years is guaranteed to work anymore.  The nuclear balance will not have two sides, but half a dozen. Tehran preaches suicide warfare, the first regime to do so since Tojo’s Japan sixty years ago. Pakistan does not, but if Pakistan is taken over by the Taliban, you can’t trust that any more. India certainly will not trust Islamic radicals with nuclear weapons next door.

And then there is the question of Israel. What can Israel tolerate? And for how long?

With our special forces already operating in Pakistan, there is no question that Pakistan is our central concern in the area. The question then becomes how long can we tolerate our troops being exposed and that precious oil we need (doesn’t Sarah Palin’s push to dig, dig, dig sound brilliant now?).  Things are becoming more complex but the choices more limited.

So many nukes, so little time. We will need a whole lot of good old New Orleans “Who Dat” to bring us back from the brink of this one.


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