Airport Scan of Film Star Distributed – Hope this Scares Terrorists

Posted on February 9, 2010

It’s happened. All of our scanning nightmares have come true. At Heathrow Airport the scan of Indian film star Shahrukh Khan was printed and distributed by staff captivated by his naked charm..

Do we laugh or cry? Personally, I laughed then cried. This is so typical of the West’s inability to effectively fight terrorism. We make up all of these laws and rules and manufacture machines both military and civilian and guess what?  We scare the women and children; we don’t faze the terrorists at all.

Terrorists have to worry about just a few of them making it past security at an airport or at a military post.  They have discovered that fewer, not more “agents” are more easily assimilated and ultimately expendable. We were just learning this lesson in Pakistan when several members of our special forces were discovered and killed last week.

We, on the other hand are left having to produce at high cost and to distribute hundreds of scanners to scan innumerable people all because one terrorist could get on a plane or past a guard.  Newsflash: one will anyway.

Resolution:  Now that scans are being distributed and, for all we know, signed copies, we can think to make non-working machines. No scans will be produced AND if we can keep it secret that they don’t function, terrorists will continue to send only a few agents to get us.

Truly, today we have been hoisted on our own petard.  Imagine, we citizens of Western countries have been made more fearful by the incompetency of our own government agents and their seconds than by the most ruthless of terrorists. The upshot of all this: feature films starring TSA personnel chasing innocent travelers through airport terminals as they flee in fear.

Source: PrisonPlanet


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